Dinner Sekolah@MMU


got this cute small picture frame. the dinner was held at kelana jaya seafood.. the last time i was there is back at primary school. i’m following my dad attending his company dinner. the food was really good right then, same as today.

today gt 60++ attending this sek mmu dinner with majority from sekmmu johor committee. the dresscode is white so the solution is to wear jubah. hoho. since i left sek agama menengah i never pakai jubah so this is a 1st after 6 years. back then i have a full black color. so the food was really2 delicious. from chicken lemon , fish fillet, sotong goreng – the very tasty dishes , prawn masak kicap, tauhu, vege with mushroom and air oren biasa jer. but really the price for rm 10 was middle – worthy. since sotong goreng finish so fast.

so this is the cheapest nite after all.. it was fun to reunite all committees back again. my position for sekmmu johor was IT coordinator that teach dreamweaver and photoshop. fuad was supposed to attend this dinner but he have majlis potong for silat graduation if i’m not mistaken, so i guess it can’t be helped. the IT team consist of me, edry as the photoshopper and fuad as the head of fasilitator with other tutors especially girls from bureau of sponsorship. farah, naimah, eisya, aida, and other one.. err forgot.. sori.

so congrates to all especially committee sekmmu johor and thanks to lomak to give me the post of IT corrdinator.. rasa poyo.. ok.. back to flash scripting 8-x

Sekolah MMU @ Johor website

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Mar 2006

Sunny Busy Day

hoho. 1 hour eversince i open the post control to post this topic. today is a busy day indeed. same as other days. 1 hour before this i was assisting evonne, rewan and nirpad for thier flash. nirpad bringing a good issue about biological clock/circadian rhythm.

Nirpad : humans are suppose to follow the nature since they a kid. night was meant for sleep and day was meant for work. if you didnt follow the nature law, you might get some symptoms depends on your luck. the body can accept the change of circadian rhythm but the worst is at the time the body want to synchronize between the nature and the circadian rhythm. the circadian rhythm will affect a bit there. ::
i also made some quick search from wikipedia. and it does bring up some interesting issue that do relate to my lifestyle and also FCM students especially.

non 24-hour sleep wake syndrome

in Al-Quran also stated about this matter. chapter 10 verses 67 surah Yunus.

Dialah yang menjadikan malam bagi kamu supaya kamu berehat padanya dan menjadikan siang terang-benderang (supaya kamu berusaha). Sesungguhnya perubahan malam dan siang itu mengandungi tanda-tanda (yang menunjukkan kekuasaan Allah) bagi kaum yang mahu mendengar (keterangan-keterangan yang tersebut dan mengambil pelajaran daripadanya).

[67] He it is that hath made you the Night that ye may rest therein, and the Day to make things visible (to you). Verily in this are Signs for those who listen (to His Message).

i will provide english translation later when al-islam.com back online.

this other article was sharply represent how my lifestyle is

delayed sleep phase syndrome

i do admit i sleep late. 3 or 4 something like that and wake up for subuh prayer. if after subuh i stay up till classes at 9. only at saturday and sunday.. i sleep for 5-6 hours.. it’s payback time.huhu. i wonder how to fix my circadian rhythm when i’m working out there. or this lifestyle would end last.

haih.. still a lot to do.

Mar 2006

About Tekong

as requested by chapan… what is tekong?

1. tekong is a person who play a major role in sepak takraw.

2. tekong is a person who sails the small boats.

i’m not playing sepak takraw so it belongs to -2 tekong is a person who sails a small boat.

back at my junior college [ mrsm taiping ], at the orientation week, we have to perform a sketch. each wings have to perform. so got israfil merican, my neighbour tell to copy the idea of telekom advertising. i forgot what song it is but something has to do with telephone. the story is a bout a immigrants from indonesia come here with a boat, and then survive hardships at KL for getting money. then, my role as a tekong of that boat. i just act stupidly la but after that, people starts me to call tekong. at first, i don’t like it so much but my not-so-superhuman reflexes always respond to that name. after all almost all students there call me like that and it goes more worst when i’m selling chips and snacks. i tell them to call me ikhwan but since got another ikhwan there [ ikhwan fariz ] i guess i can’t help it. so there it goes. called as tekong.

Mar 2006

Black Oil facts ( minyak hitam )

syawal : meidei meidei. my motor experience failure. meidei meidei.

me ( as a hero ) : roger that. what’s your current condition and current location.

syawal : condition pekehei nyo. motor rosak. come retrieve me back to mmu and i want to got another bike for this mission. the location is Kay Tee Em 5erd4ng ( serdang ). pls come fast.

me : affimative. curry will send out to rescue you. ETA 20 minutes. go buy goreng pisang 1st.

syawal : whatever. roger out.

me : roger still not die. however chale.

so today as usual i went to save the day. but then. at ktm serdang. syawal ask why my chain ( bike punya chain ) is kendur so he dont want to take my bike and rent other person bike. on the road, i see some strange things with my fuel. it consume 2 times higher than it should be. one full tank is enough for me to going back and forth to my home.. but this is just serdang and it only left about quarter of the tank. so i ask syawal.
me: how come my fuel finish very fast? i know la petrol price increased.

syawal: have u change the black oil ( minyak hitam )

me : umm forget. but my dad did remind me yesterday morning.

syawal : then you should. go to dengkil and change the black oil. if the black oil runs out. the fuel consumption will be frickin higher more higher than petrol price increased.

so after mission accomplish [ the mission is to retrieve syawal safely to mmu cyber ] i go to dengkil to change the black oil. after that.. i can see the fuel consumption oledi normal and can speed up normally.

so the lesson is don’t forget to change the black oil.

Mar 2006

Hello world! >:)

my first post and my official blog. okay.. why nazri? in arabic.. it means my sight. with origin from nazr – sight and e – adjective for me. so this site will tell of what i see in my daily life. i see and i tell. oh since you can’t restrict of what i see… so please don’t restrict of any i say.. this is mysight // mysite.. sounds that this is mysite. btw my name is ikhwan nazri. ikhwan means brotherhood. ikhwan nazri = brotherhood of sight /vision or kaki sekodeng? whatever. 😛
what so special with my sight ?

okay. the special is i have un-important photographic memory. why ? because back at my primary school, i remember teacher said ” you have a weird way to memorize things. things that should not be remembered you can remember easily at a glance. like father name, car plate number cloth color, what type and bicycle and so on. ok that was a long time ago.

at high secondary school. i have to take medical test before entering my junior college. the doctor tell me that i hv somekind of color blind. i thought this was a mistakes but at the chemistry lab.. i can’t tell perfectly what color of the results of the conducted experiment. /swt. after that it’s getting worst. i tend to tell wrong colors. eventough i still can see red yellow green and blue, but i can’t see when color mix or for some reason. luckily i passed the color test for JPJ. but that doesnt solve any problem.

what is color blind?

ok. so that’s my sight. so this is the end of first post of me. bookmark if you like. hello world >:)

Mar 2006