International Islamic Fair 2007

Above are the video introduction about what is IIF ( International Islamic Fair ) by Brother Shah Kirit Bin Kakulal Govindji, Da’wa Officer, Islamic Information & Services Foundation on Youtube. Recorded using my Phoebe, a PlayStation Portable ( with my hot Chotto Shot )

It’s just a month away from International Islamic Fair 2007. There will be three main events such as CONFERENCE : UNITY For PEACE, DINNER CONCERT : Sounds of Islam, and also TRADE EXHIBITION. Here are the details of the events

CONFERENCE : UNITY for PEACE [ 4 sessions, from 28-29 Jul, PWTC ]

Session 1: Update on the Ummah
Latest updates on pressing issues in the Muslim world – Iraq, Palestine, Sudan…
Session 2: Business, Economy & Finance
Business Jihad? Perfect IP&S hub. What’s happening to Zakah resources? Gold Dinar.
Session 3: Human Relations, Media & Global Peace
9/11 Ripple Effect. The NEW Media of hope. Dreaming of World Peace…
Session 4: Community, Arts & Education
Awareness=Survival. Muslim View Magazines anyone? Need for Islamic entertainment

DINNER CONCERT : Sounds Of Islam [ 28 July 2007 , MECC ]

TRADE EXHIBITION : 27-29 July 2007, PWTC

So dear bloggers/readers/webmasters.. spread this news by using their banner and copy their youtube link.. here you go

Here are the sidebar banner as for their support.

For briefly more information, visit their website IIF 4 Ummah.

And for more information about Islamic Information & Services, IIS , clicky here

And you’re also can forward spammiahahaha this link to everyone in YM list as promotional to the event.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. It’s Private & Confidential matters but you can always YM me. hehe.

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Jun 2007
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Friends of Future

As the previous entry stated, i’m out for somewhat kinda vacation.. well indeed this last event is significantly different, spending time with form 4-form 6 kids from putrajaya-cyberjaya school. The event take place at Kem Bina Negara, Tanjung Rhu, Sepang in conjunction with Biro TataNegara and HSBC and organized by SIFE MMU Cyberjaya from 26 May to 28 May. Just in case you didnt know, SIFE = Student in Free Enterprise, a society promoting entrepreneurship among students.

Well in the middle of typing this posting, i lost idea of what shud i wrote actually. So you just enjoy the pics that i shot on that day. Using Sabau’s EOS 300D, Hana’s Canon Zoom Lens 90mm-300mm, Putra’s 512MB Sandisk CF Card. Practiced manual focus again in this event, thank god that i’ve improved a lot from the last Mukhayyam Tarbawi. Less blur. but sadly taking indoor pictures without speedlite is probably pain in the ass. i should get my own. money money.

Here’s the teaser pics


More pics, click moreeee

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Jun 2007
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Aussie clock & Choc Chip Muffin

urm it’s like.. 4 days i didnt update the blog. yah i think i’ll be in the tedious moment i ever had in univ life. The sponsorship team of IU dinner said I’ll be meeting sony guys maybe tomorrow. last few days have been busy searching for the project sponsor. the project that i lead needs money to make the public aware of it. all hell break loose this whole week till 1 may.

but still. want to steal some time before i steal the limelight. congratulations to nuaym and nawwar that hv become husband and wife. and that they gave me this.. lovely aussie clock. hohooo. now i hv to make myself punctual.. i wonder what name i shud gave to this clock. maybe nuanawa. first becoz it sounds like aussie tribe shouting huga huga. hahahah


next is elia send me her choc chip muffin cake to make the food review of it.. well this is the first picture.


click read more to view more. with more picture.

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Apr 2007
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Mukhayyam Tarbawi ’07

Quick updates… just now coming back from Mukhayyam Tarbawi. A leadership camping that was organized by Usrah Institution every year to train and nurture their future leaders.


As usual, like previous year, Im there as a photographer(click here will lead you to the last year mukhayyam tarbawi) but what’s sweet is that i manage to take all of the pictures using manual focus. i set myself a challenge, that is to take pictures wihout relying on autofocus. the results were brilliant.. despite the picture of day one excersize in morning turn out quite bad because im still not used with it.. but at the end of the camping and now, i can see the result of my training, the manual focus speedmaster challenge.

800 pictures, 2 days. one great training. hehe.

i didnt hv any night pictures because i didnt manage to get any canon series speedlite. haih.

thanks to syawal and linda sha for their spare battery, kassim for his lovely biggie Compact flash card, Hana for her superb-heavenly zoom lens 90mm-300mm, and lastly sabau for not using that eos 300d camera.. sigh i shud get my own camera. ~_~

here are the links.. on the fotopages.. there is 60 picture manipulated and edited with photoshop.. as for full collection, iu members, ym me or leave me a comment.

Fakerama.fotopages ( 30 pictures, photoshopped )

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Urusetia

Hehe so click the links.. and for IU members mukhtar participants.. say thanks by fill up the advertlets suvey on the right hand side and also click once at the nuffnang ad ok.. thx in advance. I was too tired to talk about the camping.. later on yah.

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Apr 2007

Strawberry Ice-Cream and Roti Naik!! [ CyberP Stall ]

I’m suppose to update this yesterday but since yesterday i was struggling again in doing FYP projects which suppose to be presented today, only to know that the presentation was cancelled again for 5 times. I just dont know what happen. and if im going to explain the situation i’ll endup cursing this whole post. full of those words that kids should never listen to.

this week will be a busy week. ( macam la sebelum neh tapena bz ) . as a subject required in our whole degree, cyberpreneurship is one required subject to grad. cutely known as cyberP ( saibepi ) , this subject requires the creative multimedia students to learn a bit of marketing, how to sell product as you able to sell ideas on presentation ( not selling body, selling ideas lah ). so we’ve divided into groups. our group name is buyung and dulang. and we’ve selling Strawberry Ice cream ( real strawberry all the way from cameron highlands mind you ), Muffins ( chocolate n vanilla ) and also Soya bean ( frozen and serve chilled ). The stall will be open until this friday so dont miss out of what we sell.


So now you’re drooling over this heavenly strawberry putted on top with strawberry syrup bathing the vanilla ice cream? Click more and you’ll want one tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and tomorrow after tomorrow.

Click more eh.. still got a lots of picture hehehehe Read more…

Apr 2007