10-09: Last Day : Raise @ Singapore

it’s monday, a rainy gloomy day as we have to depart from singapore today.

After packing up our belongings, around 12noon, we depart from Ustaz Andi apartment, Tampines to Jamiyah HQ. But before that, we pay the last visit to Teh Tarik : Muslim Eating House and having our brunch. This is it.. Nasi Lemak Penyet.. hahaha


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09-09: Day 6 : Raise @ Singapore

today is the last day of us presenting at Singapore expo.

As usual, the latecomers.. hahaha. so when we arrive, first thing first is to enjoy heavenly food at the meantime in the singapore, which is.. KEBABOOOMM.. yeahh


But now, the seller giving us a free item in return of our support to her kebaboom. ( click click )

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Sep 2007

08-09: Day 5 – Raise @ Singapore

Day 5, it’s a saturday. the third day to present on One World Many Culture exhibition.

Wake up a bit quite late. around 930. and go to fetch firdaus around 1030. he nearly freak out, because it’s quite late. so on the way to fetch him, this is another weird thing at singapore, white-cracking lanes.


WTH is this??

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07-09: Day 4 – Raise @ Singapore

oh, the second day of the exhibition. it’s friday.

wake up quite late, but luckily we have our car at the apartment. with an overnight pass, we’re only supposed to park and remove the car before 7 but hey, who cares. hahahahhaha. wake up around 9, we go to geylang first to fetch firdaus. and then, three of us heading to the expo.


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06-09: Day 3 – Raise @ Singapore

we wake up today around 9, without ustaz andi at home. panicked,luckily Jamiyah send us Kak Sinah to fetch us direct to the expo. when we arrive there, there’s still some workers still painting their stuff all those. so we come there and set up our booths. here’s the picture.


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