Al-Quran for PSP V1.4 + French Translation

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you dear visitors.. for your information, Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable version 1.4 have been released altogether with French Translation.. click here for more infoAnd this new updates also includes a new control to make it easy for psp users. download and try it. I would love to hear your feedback. thanks.

yesterday i was at Adobe Education Leadership Forum at hotel nikko. went there by ERL and Putra LRT from sentral to ampang park. quite surprise because now the people who use lrt, have to queue up before boarding. now that’s pretty neat and disciplined.

about the contents of the event, i’ll wrote bout that later on. pretty thoughtful and inspiring. met candice on that day and also some people from Waterloo center. but i forgot his name >_<

and it’s one month left before my birthday.. can someone give me/fund me/sponsor me macbookpro??  pretty please thanks :)

working so hard to reward myself within this one month.. hoooyeahh

of the SPM results and PSP Parteh!

Not my spm. my 2nd younger brother, Faidhi, got 5A 4B 1C. and C for chemistry. but nonetheless.. 5 A better than me, 4A.. agagaga. Congratulations. Open table yeahuuu.

And this saturday and sunday, for the first time ever in malaysia, a PSP Official Party by SONY. It will be held at Cineleisure Damansara. there will be cosplay competition and also, of course, PSP multiplayer match. The games on sunday are

  1. Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops
  2. Winning Eleven
  3. Juiced 2
  4. Tekken

So see you there. i’ll be there wearing The Raise T-Shirt. Oh yes, please buy The Raise T-Shirt. With every purchase of The Raise T-Shirt, you’ll be promoting the project and also your money will goes to the development on the project. So come support us. This saturday and sunday i’m also selling the shirt so just tell me earlier so i can bring it.

See you there.

I’ve updated the company blog with a cool sunrise timelapse. watch it ya.

Mar 2008

Eid Ul Adha Mobile Magazine Released for PSP and phone

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah dan salam sejahtera buat semua pembaca/pelawat blog kami. Ha raya dah dekat, tersangatlah dekat, dan kami, Flavert Media Lab dengan kerjasama Institusi Usrah MMU Cyberjaya ade hadiah bersempena raya haji nih atau dlm nama arabnye, Aidil Adha.

Kitorang dengan sukacitanya memberikan anda Mobile Magazine sempena Aidil Adha percuma. erm tapi memang kitorang suka buat benda percuma ni. Mobile Magazine ini ada info mengenai Raya Haji, bila dan mengapa? dan juga kisah Nabi Ibrahim ( S.A.W ) dan juga Nabi Ismail ( S.A.W ). yang menariknye mobile magazine ni, ianya free, boleh dibawa kemana-mana, dan yang pertama untuk handphone di malaysia.

Format mobile magazine ini dalam Flash Lite 1.1. so boleh guna dengan handphone yang dah siap ada Flash. Kalau tak sure ade ke takde, ini bawah ni ade list of compatibility, sesuai ker tak utk henpon korang.

Nokia: E50, E51, E65, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N92, N93, N93i, N95, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6290,5300, 5310, 5610, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6233, 6267, 6300, 6500, 6555, 7373, 7390, 7500, 7900, 8600

Sony Ericson: W800i, W850, W830, W21S, W31S, 42S, SO505iS, SO605iS, SO702i, SO902i, W21S, W31S, W32S, W580i,

Kyocera: W21K, W31K, W32 K, Toshiba W21T

FOMA: 900i (D900i, F900i, N900i, SH900i etc.), 901i, 700i

Read more…

Dec 2007


Commentary video from Giorgio Natilli and Vassilis Legakis on Al-Quran for PSP.

And I just found out that Giorgio married during Adobe MAX Conference 2006. Whoaaa gila cool. kalau nak kahwin time gath gath geek ni leh tak wahaha.
Maintaining four blogs is … tiresome.. wahaha.

  1. This my own my sight, is What I See Is What You Get
  2. Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable
  3. M-Travelogue Blog.
  4. Flavert Media Lab Development Blog.

and sabau make the theme for flavert’s blog. nice.and next year, you’ll see fully flash of the company website.

speaking of the title of the blog, i refer it from Chuck. well just another geek.
Grimes : Anna, Pineapple!

Don’t forget to visit Agile Development Talk tomorrow after Maghrib Prayer 730 till 930. by tulip

Raise 6 + Upin Ipin expected date

haih lambat betul release, 6th edition of Raise-PSP Islamic Magazine.


Here are the links to the Raise -6 + wallpaper for PC..

Hujan pagi tadi sungguh nice.. dan selsema sudah. oh semalam aku bajet Upin Ipin kuar no 5.. tp yg kuar no 1 balik. so the pattern has been confirmed.. for those who’re eagerly waiting for Ep 5 & Ep 6 of Upi& Ipin.. here are my expected date.. again MY.. not official from lescopaque apatah lagi TV9 😛

  1. ep 1 = 30/9 – dah lepas
  2. ep 2 = 5/10
  3. ep 3 = 6/10
  4. ep 4 = 7/10
  5. ep 5 = 12/10 ( jangkaaan )
  6. ep 6 = 13/10 ( jangkaan + rasanya raya )

kalau terlepas tengok ep 1-3 click sini.. kalau nak tengok ep4 ha click sini lak

okay smer.. meh donlod raise 6.. siap ade wallpaper allia cupcake buat

Freya,Tesla, Delios, Anne, Muvey, Phoebe, Jehuty and SandyKruzy, meet SandyKruzy’s sister, SandyForgie.

thanks to aishah for the original Memory Stick Pro Duo straight from singapore. really cheap. 88SGD = roughly RM196 ++ . compare that to original at lowyat.. around 250++ something like that.

And use original equipment for better perfomance.

Aaaachoommm.. srot sret.

Song At The Moment: Kanno Youko – [DARKER THAN BLACK -Kuro no Keiyakusha- Gekiban #12] Shadow [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
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Oct 2007