Bye 2010, Hello 2011

I know it’s still not the end of 2010, but since the new year a lot of people will end up partying whatever, I’ll better post when there’s more readership. Haha.

And before I start, congratulations to Malaysia soccer team for winning AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. You have united all malaysians.

So first thing first, revisiting 2010 resolution and my own commentaries is after this double slash ‘//’

  1. Getting Prue, Playstation 3 & iPhone, 4G preferably. Oh yes Unlimited 3G too! // Didn’t bought PS3. But I got Samsung Galaxy S
  2. Open Tabung Haji account // fail
  3. Become a better Coffee Hunter or take Baristas courses. // i think i’m able to take a coffee without sugar already :)
  4. Push Weddingkami & Officekami to the next level // both getting more featured and yeah, next level achieved
  5. Cutting my ‘treat’ expenditure by quarter, or half. Need to save more money // better too, been rempiting for more this year
  6. Cutting my fuel consumption to only RM200 per month maximum, while still using the same car, Anubis // achieved at least RM180-210
  7. Allocating at least 2-3 days per week to commuting using LRT. Particularly to unlock more Officekami location plus living a healthy lifestyle. //ultimate fail
  8. Keep up the good work in becoming a better man towards those who I love, which is the family and friends and all general people. // I got married, been good to the family and I think I have great friends and for general people :)

Behold, 2011 resolution

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Dec 2010

Break-Fasting with ASDAF kids

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Last saturday, 5 September 2009, I went to break-fasting at ASDAF ( Asrama Darul Falah ). It was an event called Fast2Feed organized by Muslim Aid Asia. It’s an event to sponsor orphan kids to break-fast a.k.a buka puasa and give the kids duit raya. Gotta choose either to sponsor or to sponsor and break-fasting with the kids. I choose to break-fast with them, since last year I missed it. Got to mingle with some orphan kids and this young lad is Amar Suhail. He’s 9 years old, same age as my lil sis Anom Nazirah. He’s been staying there for 9 years. Yup.. since his early years. He’s pretty sharp kid and got 2nd places at his school at Brickfields. And stays sharp. He want to grow up becoming Astronauts. Oops.. Angkasawan. Spend morreh ( supper time after terawih ) time with him until 10 and going home.

For muslims who have to pay ‘fidyah’, Muslim Aid Asia can take if from you. they charging RM1.70 for each ‘cupak’ so count how many days that you need to pay and contact them to let them know you’re paying for ‘fidyah’. Call their office 03-22881996 (Azmira atau Muhammad)

Any skipped fasting need to replace with fasting.  but if you’re incapable to fast because of serious illness or you’re 90 year old folks, can pay Fidyah – a pay of one cup of rice to replace the day you’re not fasting, provided that you’re incapable to fast. 

This is just my early steps to become what I think I would spend time living (if I’m still alive) when I’m 60’s = Philanthropist, helping needing hands.

Follow Muslim Aid Asia in twitter = @muslimaidasia

P/S: My childhood ambition is Astronauts. But my ambition always evolving. From Astronauts – Chef – Scientist – Ahli Falak a.k.a Muslim Astro-watcher ( didn’t prefer to say astrologer ) – Counsellor (since my MRSM counsellor so cool ) Until after MRSM I lost-ambition LOL. Hmm not lost maybe, but there’s many things I can become 😀

Humans are now free from gravity – Hideo Kojima – Zone of the Enders – oh an I’m Tambelekong now

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