Mobile Office Joke #1

Before I start my post, glad to tell you that today was the 44th mobile office. Same place as yesterday, 43rd, at Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa. And today, happy birthday to Edry Faizal & Chapan, may both of you live well and happy and blissfully ever after till the Hereafter.

So lets proceed to the joke.

Yesterday, before going to ‘the office’ at Jusco AU2 setiawangsa, i was helping edry with his Flash. Then, since I’m a bit rush and sabau stressed up the point to meet at 2pm there, I left the conversation between me and Edry, like this.

( Upon Chip request, I’ve translated the conversation to english… in my english-chatting. hahah. Met her during BarCamp JB. )

momochi_zabuza:gerak ke setiawanga [ gotta go to setiawangsa ]
momochi_zabuza:ofis disana [ office there ]
momochi_zabuza: [ lol icon ]
FA_edry:wah sudah ada ofis baru hahaha [ wow you’ve got a new office hahaha ]
momochi_zabuza:aah [ yup ]
momochi_zabuza:depan jusco [ infront of jusco ]
momochi_zabuza: ROFL icon
momochi_zabuza:aeon sponsor [ AEON Sponsor ] (// AEON is the owner of Jusco )
momochi_zabuza:gerak dulu [ gotta go ]

So right after that conversation, I went to Jusco, just to realize I left the adaptor and sabau arrive pretty late, 2++ pm, because he’s helping Edry with Flash.

And today, sabau tell me his side of story..more after this hehe

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