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Been quite while this blog has been left without updates. So yeah. Finally all things and wedding ceremony has been done. Firstly before I brag myself appearing in the paper again, a lot of thanks and love to those who attended my reception. Your existence during my reception is really meaningful to me. And also thanks for even bring wedding gifts.

The most sweetest gift I ever receive is the 8-Bit Necktie & The Pulsating Heart. A gift that indeed make a geek extremely happy.

Plus lucky to have few bloggers around, if you want to see blog updates & pictures of my wedding go to the link below

Again I really thank those who come!

So for bragging on the papers now.

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Dec 2010

Budaya Kerja Officekami


And the name of Officekami itself was printed like that. EPIC AWESOMENESS! Now If you want to read it in Kosmo online, click here.

Or if you want to read in scanned-newspaper version, click here. Be warned that it is 1.5MB superbig!

And I’m glad to tell you guys that Officekami website now have nifty function. Embedded Google Maps in every post. Cool huh.

And that’s a reason why I’m lately didn’t update this/my personal blog much, coz I blog at others.

My breasfed-mother (ibu susuan) passed away last monday, 21 June. Al-Fatihah.

Jun 2010
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I can haz this..

as wedding montage song?

By the way, I fancy automation. I fancy gadgetry. I fancy high speed. I fancy technicality.

As much I fancy my nerdy :)

P/S: it would be cool if I could dress in those radioactive suite for wedding. if my son/daughter ask for it, I’ll let them be so that I’m such a cool dad.

P P/S: as geeky the video clip above, you could find some element of love. /OMG RHYME!

P P P/S: still a lot of thing hasn’t been completed for the wedding, yet I already find the song for montage during wedding. LOL! talk about priority.

Jun 2010


Today I’m 25 years old. And I just discovered I share the same birth date with Afdlin Shauki. But I’m less awesome than him. Afterall I’m much smaller :p

So 25 is kind of feat, let me list anything 25

I’ve been

  1. a prefect
  2. I’ve been scored a goal since I was standard 3
  3. a corrupt librarian for letting male students in MRSM Taiping play CounterStrike. Afterall, I’m the head of Bureau Computer
  4. a good scout
  5. a navigator and good driver + a good rempit with just 1 hit and run cases. Hit a car and run
  6. fall asleep while riding motorcycle. Lucky no accident happen coz Sabau is there to knock me
  7. driving alone to Kuantan back and forth
  8. scored 100 marks in 5 out of 6-7 exam in islamic school in standard 1
  9. in car-domino-accident with syazwan
  10. went to MRSM Taiping, but kinda wasted it for not ending in more prestigious courses as in Quantum Physics. It is even more wasted when it is one of few top MRSM but as I said, I do felt like wasted my fat chance to go oversea
  11. called as Professor Serba Tau by my school teachers
  12. failed driving test. Parking fail. took the test twice.
  13. one of high-scores in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops during PSP Slim launching.
  14. took picture with Dr Siti Hasmah. And I believe I’ve met Dr M for Hari Raya during I was a kid
  15. not asleep for almost 2-3 days if I’m not mistaken
  16. lost a camera. Finepix S7000. Worth RM2700 back then
  17. bought macbookpro
  18. been living without much family support ( as in pocket money, food, and accomodation ) since 2003.
  19. declared minor color blind
  20. have a pointer lower than 3 for 3 consecutive years (MRSM until Foundation MMU), and then score above 3 for 3 consecutive years during degree
  21. slammed a keyboard as a result of overstressed. I mention it many times. lucky the keyboard survived. But my roomate Syawal traumatized. No I’m not hitting him.
  22. accidentally scarred my foot with glass window. But walked to football field, kick a ball, full with blood, and then realize I’m bleeding
  23. caught on baby-net-hook a-la fish at the hook at my mouth. if you see carefully at my lips, a bit senget
  24. when I was 7, I travel with my uncle on a bus to kedah.
  25. 3 month as a fiancee to someone with name Hazwani Aris.

No I’m not kidding :)

Originally I planned to reveal this news at least two month before my wedding. But receiving 200+ comments in both Facebook and Twitter did make me extremely happy. Those 200 comments are not random strangers. And it is still counting. There’s 10 comments/tweets related hoping and praying that I’ll getting married. Not to forget, today I was teaching at Teras One Solution, an Adobe Authorised training center here in Malaysia and they surprise me with birthday cake. I thought I did something wrong at first LOL!

Indeed I’m so happy and I’ve decided to tell about it. After all, I afraid my wedding will clash with few friends.[ Terus terang, aku sudah bertunang :) #pantun.] InsyaAllah/God-willing, I’m getting married in 6 months time.

Pray for us friends. Again, thank you so much for being part of my life :)

P/S: by the way, 12 hour before the timestamp of this post, 25 years ago, 1030am, I was born to the world, but forgot to say Hello World.

P P/S: Now I need to do my own Weddingkami LOL!!!

P P P/S: Geek and nerd goes to Video Games Live. Perfect combo!

P P P P/S: picture by Wan Azim, of which actually seated near with me. He didn’t realize I was there. Until I decide to help him took his picture with Video Games Live backdrop. That’s how secretive I am :p

May 2010
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Sepatutnya post ini ditulis pada 14 haribulan. Tapi ada lambat sikit. Apepun sebab nak mengingati 14 hb, aku ubah timestamp post ni kepada 14 haribulan. Kenapa 14 haribulan? Biarlah rahsia. Kenapa rahsia? oke aku bitau.. aku suka no 4. 1 = One = Wan = satu komponen nama aku. So saja suka suka 14 hb hahah.

Ape kena mengena ngan tajuk blogpost ni ‘PemberianKu’?

Sebab untuk personal goal, bulan may je mesti aku release/announce/berikan something. Tahun lepas aku berikan Officekami. 3 tahun lepas aku berikan Al-Quran PSP. Dan kalau korang ikut janjang arithmetik, tahun ni by right aku tak berikan apa apa. Tunggu tahun depan la aku berikan something.

So lagi dua tahun, tahun 2012, by right korang akan baca balik post Pemberianku, tapi takda apa apa yang diberi :p

Mungkin tiba masanya untuk aku memberikan hati ini?

P/S: aku adalah seorang penderma organ dan bukanlah aku kejap lagi ada pembedahan ke apa. tapi korang dah mendaftar sebagai penderma organ? Sapa yang dapat mata aku mesti cool gila. Jauh dah nampak tapi keburukannya buta warna bwahahaha

P P/S: Ikhwan Nazri dalam bahasa arab bermaksud Saudara Penglihatanku. Aku tolong orang tengok ape ahhhh ?? Aku tau. Tengok jalan yang lurus. Peh ni namanya sound diri sendiri ni.

May 2010