I was on my way back from a meeting. Passing through ampang park, I saw a guy, cycling while lying like having sunbath on the hot day.



I was riding my Jehuty so with my agility and dexterity, I’m stashing out my dearie Anne and riding motorcycle with single handed ( dasar mat rempit! ) to take the picture.  i’m able to follow him before I’m turning to Jalan Ampang

And halfway at Jalan Ampang, I thought it was way cool if I interview this fella, but only to discover he may have went another way. Sheesh. Why I can’t think of this earlier.

And talk about cool stuff, this is for Movie-lovers out there. TGV Mobile.

TGV mobile is the applicaiton to help the movie-lovers get the latest info of the movie showing at the cinemas, among the function are

  1. View ‘Now Showing Movies’ that categorized by language.
  2. View the TGV Cinema branches and see what are the movie that are shown in that cinema by date ( today, till the second-next day )
  3. View synopsis of the movie
  4. One-click-call-booking including all the branches of TGV in Malaysia ( Also covers Tebrau, Seberang Perai, Seremban & Ipoh )
  5. All general info about movie included ( Genre, Language, Showtime, Cast , Director, Runtime )
  6. Another nifty thing: Bytes Loaded Counter ( to keep track of your usage )

So hop on to our company blog to download it and to see if it’s compatible with your phone and yes, spread it please :)

Jan 2009

Something Brilliant

  1. The Adobe CS4 Launching Event Malaysia. Click here to read the review, on the company blog
  2. This weekend, don’t miss Honda ASIMO showcase at One Utama. For more info, click here
  3. Between Sarah Walker and Jill Roberts in Chuck, both looks hot with spectacles. They look brilliant.
  4. Apple Store Online Malaysia has been launched. yeay!
  5. But this picture below shows the not-brilliant side of people in malaysia.. here goes.

Bukan Sekadar Venue Untuk Sukan?? Translate = Not Just A Sports Venue

Venue can be replaced with Malay ( or Sounds Malay ) words such as

  1. Tempat
  2. Kompleks
  3. Kawasan
  4. (letak ayat anda disini)

This picture was taken at KL-Putrajaya Speedway. Well what I see is what you get :)

Nov 2008
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Free Open Source Software day 2, Malaysia

so day 2 of foss begins with keynote talk by ditesh. quite unrevealing the scene of opensource . like who’s who behind the scene.

next, attended Git talk by Kamal Fariz. in easy, git is kinda Time Machine. it keeps the file that been changed separately. I never been use subversion whatnot, but having the point that with Git, every developer can work on different module starting from the same tree. from the same tree, they could grew their own blob. and then, they just need to rebased it. project management here is pretty important. Oh btw thanks for the t-shirt!

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Nov 2008

What i’ve been up lately,

it’s like nearly 6 days without updates. okay. i admit i’m pretty busy. last week i’m with Ambidextrous Solutions working for Nokia-Siemens Network Event. Below are just two videos for that work, the rest you can view at the company’s blog.

Interactive Scoreboard – Nokia Siemens Networks from tekong on Vimeo.

view more yah
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Sep 2008

of the Helvetica and my new works.

so people watching beijing opening, i watch Helvetica. among the things i’ve got

  1. doctors fight for disease. designers fight for ugliness that exist and turn into beautiful masterpiece.
  2. the name helvetica actually from helvetia, latin name for switzerland. but since you can’t named a font after a country, the creator just popped up this name ‘helvetica’
  3. the font was perfectly balanced.

after that, i kinda appreciate what the font creator has done. i also have to choose fonts before designing. font’s is an expression. it’s not just a font. this is a must watch to everyone perhaps. Thanks to kamal fariz for introducing the next title produced by Helvetica’s director, Objectified.

next is the updates of my works.

TV Web DBP Montage from tekong on Vimeo.

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Aug 2008