Cheapskate tip: BOFO San Francisco Coffee

Okay since I’ve been less updating blog, I’m going to post my extremely cheapskate tip. So here’s the first tip.

At certain San Francisco Coffee in Malaysia, they have Buy One Free One (BOFO) promo. But it is not same in all branches. Ampang Point have this promo only on weekends but ends before 8PM. And Menara UOA Bangsar have this promo during weekdays which is after lunch. The deal is to buy any of Extreme Frappes, and get another for free. Must be either Regular or Large. While this BOFO may seem normal, let me take it to the extreme.

What you can do is, buy the Extreme promo (Buzz, latte, Mocha, vanilla, chocolate ) and get another one for free. Then, ask the barista to keep another one inside the freezer. So you can work up to 1-3 hours with one cup. Then, since we need some slight rest, go outside the cafe and told the barista that ‘I’ll be back’. After taking your fun time, go back to the cafe, ask for the one that they kept, and then continue working.

Be aware that the coffee inside the freezer are more intense and strong. And DO NOT kept the coffee with your skipped cream, coz your cream will be a bit funny. Saw that before, and didn’t know how it taste, since I skip the cream always. And with this method, I successfully work for 7-8 hours.

I’m not being cheap. I’ve become cost effective :p – As what @cerventus from Malaysia Entrepreneurs said :p

May 2010