Duit Raya from Advertlets!

wohoo. the first duit raya for this year came in from Advertlets


Not that much. i have another 100 in my advertlets account but that would be reserved until my balance left another 100. so i would only cash out when i reach rm 200. okayla tuh. this is my first cash out with them. there are stickers only. why not making some sampul duit raya as promotional item. that would be wonderful. or maybe after this during chinese new year, giving the cheques in Angpow envelope. ( josh if you’re using this idea then give me angpow la. ) so thanks for the early duit raya. mueheaheahea.

i found something rather inspiring. more after the jump. star jump people
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Oct 2007

Merdeka! Happy 50th Independence Day

Dear Malaysia.. happy 50th independence day. Thank god for the blessing and peace He gave to this country.


This year, i cant see any fireworks at KL.. maybe all fireworks have gone to putrajaya… aih whenla want to go to putrajaya to watch the fireworks competition.. huhu

Just less than a week before going to singapore. now i’m rushing to finish The Raise Interactive CD which will be given to one of the expo activities. we’re not making it as freebies.it will be for display only and the organizers have a side activities which they ask three copies from us to make it a special gift alongside their prizes.

Aishah, ( ecah, eisya ) which is a former High Comittee from Usrah institution who now having internship at singapore told me that singapore radio stations mentioning The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable ( Al-Quran for PSP ) was among the attraction to the exhibition. It’s been aired for this whole week.

Whoa. Gulp.

Check out this this new site by Josh Lim. in 2006 he start RedesignMalaysia.com and this year.. Merdeka.com

Merdeka.com is created for Malaysia’s creative communities and independent content publishers to express their love to their country.

Well some of the links still not active. Maybe they still not launching it yet. but seeing the website ( Merdeka.com ) being promoted at advertlets weblogs, it should be prepared and ready to receive a visit.

IMPORTANT : – Just check out the website again.. they have this thing.. send your faces so they make it as a flags.. limited to 5000 person.. be fast to grab the nice color and spots.

Lastly, check out the sneak peek.. at our DVD cover of The Raise Project Interactive CD. WOOT

Thanks to ummahfilms for the permission to distribute their ‘psp-encoded version’ of their islamic video documentary.

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Aug 2007

RUMPUN ’07 Malay Bloggers Gathering

what a day. i’ve gone to two gatherings. one is RUMPUN ’07 that was around 50++ bloggers at Pelita Nasi Kandar KLCC. The gathering was organised by happypeoplemedia.com who were so happy to promote and introduce their new products sooner that is PCMalaya. Here’s some shot on PCMalaya demonstration and briefing by mohdismail.com

PCMalaya Demonstration

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Aug 2007
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Cornflake !

ya lagu konflick oleh komplot sedap bagaikan cornflake. and life is full of conflict.


congratulations to all graduates. the convocation day does mean the end of your studying days at mmu, but please realize that the life itself is a whole of learning process. So don’t stop learning. ( kaki bakar statement, always love to spoil the mood :p )

Thanks to HICOM DJ Club for the cards. DJ Club Rocks!!

done something quite big today. since three of us taking a big leap, everyday we have to take a big step. Just a matter if we fall or not, we have to get back on the track.
on the way to hotel grand continental, nirpad from Nepal chicken out riding a motorcycle with me. everytime i celah sana celah sini passing through the narrow passage between cars do freak him a bit, same like Josh at his first time riding a motorcycle.

Here’s an idea for Fear Factor Malaysia. make all the participant to ride with a rempit/pizza/domino/mcd dispatcher. they’ll sure chicken out. have the pizza/mcd/dispatcher to selit sana selit sini while riding with rempits require them to balance the motor or doing some extremely action that dont-try-this-at-home type of action.haha.

when you jump over a huge challenge, there’ll always a risk. hardships coming through and you need support.

‘ jangan difikirkan tekanan’
‘ fikirkan penyelesaian ‘

thanks C343, the first line really hits me hard and straight. really mean it. thanks again.

Biar semuanya indah

NOTE : bebudak SAMTEN, jom gih alumni dinner 25hb nih.. malam.

NOTE: Gathering utk blogger tp dlm bahasa melayu ( kira kalau blog korang tulis dlm bahasa melayu.. ha join gath yg nih) 25 hb gak. Ditaja oleh Happypeoplemedia dan juga advertlets

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Aug 2007

Free The Media ( English Version )

Since there’s suddenly many visitors, i hope the english version of my previous article is helping them. well poor nirpad for once he blame me for writing in malay haha.

— article begin —

Free the Media

In the previous episode, we have been exposed to the predicaments in the media, how it is manipulated and used to deceive facts and news regarding Islam. I would now like to delve further into it, how we can free the media.

The most important media source has always been the printed media. Until now, there has been a great deal of Islamic literature, posters, illustrated children’s books about Islam, and renowned Arabic calligraphy all over the world. Although there is an abundance of these printed media sources, we still need to add and increase new ideas and innovations to convey these information to promote children’s interest to become conversant with the knowledge of Islam. The newest Islamic graphic media revolution is the AerosolArabic, which is the collaboration of the art of calligraphy and graffiti. Messages in graphic forms are drawn onto walls in an artistic graffiti manner that will certainly attract many and is capable of being a good medium to communicate messages.

More.. long article indeed.


( This is indeed a long entry since it’s article.. click more )

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Aug 2007