New Hobby, Kufi Calligraphy

I haz a new hobby: Kufi.

On the left is my name (ikhwan nazri) combined with wife’s name: hazwani. And the right is the combination of the ultimate masterpiece I’ve ever did at the moment, a combination of me and my siblings – ikhwan nazri, ikhsan saufi, ikhmal faidhi, anom nazirah.

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I think i kinda enjoyed it because it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. At the moment, I have did 17 kufi, you can check it in my facebook. How did I can make it so fast, using my favorite tools of trade of course, Adobe Flash.

Check out the video of how I did Iwani’s name here.

So here I’m opening an order if you want to have your name/paragraph/sentence in kufi. I will open for 10 names at the rate RM3 per letters. If the name exceed 15 letters, every additional letters start from 16 will be charged at RM4. if the name exceed 30 letters, additional letters start from 31 will be charged RM5. Maximum letters I can handle is 50

The price is increasing because I need to ‘bend’ the letter going inside therefore, additional time will be required. To simplify

  • Price: RM 3 per 1-15 letters. RM 4 for letter 16-30, RM5 for letter 31-50
  • You must tell me the letter in arabic/jawi. If you’re non-muslim/ didn’t know about arabic letters, i will told you what are the arabic letters for your name and you’ll need to approve my quotation.
  • Method of payment – Maybank2u or ┬áCIMB. Please email me at ikhwandotnazriatflavertdotcom to get the account number
  • Deliverables will be in PNG/JPG. 300 DPI quality available for request. If you want me to do it in color, I will give the file to you and you need to define parts to color + the color code, because I have minor color blind. If you want me to mask it with a picture (like what I did for my picture), kindly send the picture.
  • The longer the name, the longer it takes for me to complete it. for one order, at least it will not exceed 3 weeks. I will notify when your artwork will be ready depending on the queue.
  • I’m using Adobe Flash to make it. If you want it, additional RM100 will be charge for the source file.
  • If there’s any mistakes on the letter, changes will be made FOC provided there’s no additional letters to the changes. Warranty only for a month.
  • The best thing of all –50% OF THE EARNINGS I WILL DONATE IT. Donation will goes to Muslim Aid Asia, a charity agency lead bt Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam.
  • To ensure authenticity & transparency, ┬áthe list of those who purchased my kufi artworks will be displayed here, alongside with the amount they paid, including tips.
  • The donation to Muslim Aid Asia will be done in quarterly basis.

And this is the list of those who have purchased my kufi artwork

  • Nurfaizah (@chokilala) – RM50 *tips
  • total ( 8 May 2011 – RM50/RM25)

Why did I do this job? Did I become desperate enough?

Because I no longer have a lot of time to commit to voluntary jobs. Therefore, I think this is the least I can do and also, getting them some support.

Looking forward for this hehe.

May 2011

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  1. ceghap says:

    selalu aku rujuk untuk kufi.. facebook dia pon byk art kufi ni.. cool kan?

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