Appointed as CEO of Amanz Network

Originally I wanted to use “I’m the CEO b**ch”. Unfortunately due to sopan santun I have, i didn’t use it. But wife said I should use it coz people will get the joke but apparently i don’t think malaysians especially malays will get the joke. Just look at how lame raja lawak is, generally. Although there’s very few that can make me laugh. And if you didn’t get what does it meant by ‘just as planned’, maybe u can’t get the joke.

Ikhwan Nazri Menyertai AmanzNetwork Sebagai CEOSo i’ll be spearheading transformation of Amanz Network to a new level. Don’t ask what level but obviously, and hopefully, not level Lower Ground Floor. I’ll be managing the blog’s direction, economic, feature, and also maybe making more prominent and a leading ICT news source that’s focused for malay readers. And there’s like 5 channels to control. SO IT IS JUST AS PLANNED!

Recognizing there’s still a need for a tech news in malay language and so far, does excel in its job and that’s why I took the offer. Pray for me and new journey towards the leading tech news in malay language!

Off course, vote for as fave tech head in DIGI WWWOW Awards!

For official press release for this news, go to website. obviously, it will be in Malay language :p

May 2011
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