MBuji Coffee Testing Night

So amidst busiest week, (and this week gonna be hellish) I managed to sneak out on a Coffee Date with wife to have coffee testing at Mbuji IOI Mall Puchong

All of the participants receive a cup of espresso. The most freshest espresso that being roasted but we tasted like 5-6 beans such as Colombian, Papua New Guinea, Abbyssinia – this is the first coffee bean being discovered ever, Uganda, Tanzania, Sumatran Blue, French Roast, and Mbuji Roast.

One thing for sure, once we came home, we were pretty high on coffee. And picture galore ahead

Tidbits being provided so you can clean up your throat before drinking other shot of espresso.

This is the management & the baristas, explaining the correct way to drink the coffee. You must smell, sip little bit and try to detect the after taste.

The participants that night. Around 20 people.

and this is the beans.

It was a new experience for me to taste espresso-level. My standard testing method is by ordering Cappuccino. But if you wanted to try out the beans, then go for Single origin / Espresso only. So if you see people having extremely small cuppa coffee, they were having espresso.

Lastly, to educate you with the naming convention behind all coffee drinks variations, click this link.

Apr 2011

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  1. bubbles182 says:

    wahhhh coffeeeeee!! alaaa x ajak… alaaaa jelessssss… :'(

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