Lamasi cafe – Groupon Review

Yesterday 17 april i’ve went to Lamasi Cafe, Fahrenheit 88to use my groupon voucher. I’ve bought it for RM 40 for what’s worth at RM89. And I use RM5 token for registering in portal so i just paid Rm35. Kinda paying half for what i’ve ate.

The ambient is just nice for me and the seat are pretty comfy. Here is what I have there

Photo at Lamasi Cafe by Ikhwan Nazri

This is Kiwi & Chocolate Frescato. Like ice blended. Priced at 11.90. My comment it’s pretty good. Nothing bad but nothing extremely exceptional.

Photo at Lamasi Cafe by Ikhwan Nazri

This is Shrimp & Chicken Caesar Salad. It was priced at RM13.90 but it’s like just a little for me. I mean for the same price if you go to Nando you could get a decent amount of salad. Theirs are, I think 1/3 of Nando’s. It was served in huge bowl but, You’ll be the judge.

Photo at Lamasi Cafe by Ikhwan Nazri

This is Chicken Festival Pizza priced at RM18.90. They cut 8 slices. The dough is super-soft! We like it so much.

Photo at Lamasi Cafe by Ikhwan Nazri

This is the Greek Pizza. All kinds of cheese and tomato.

All in all, I kinda disappointed with the salad. I mean, can you imagine RM14 but for 1/3 of Nando’s salad. For the Pizza, hmm, come to think of it RM19 for Pizza is kinda just okay and the good thing about the pizza is it is supersoft. For more info about their deal, go to Groupon website here.

The best thing I think, is using Groupon voucher, we can test the restaurant we never knew of. And judging from appearance, they’re still newly opened.

P/S: I’m not paid by Groupon to do this review. And if you’re Groupon, I can haz some tokens? hehe

P P/S: the price might be comparable to dishes in Starbucks/ Coffee Bean but from my experience, the salad still a lot for them compared with this cafe. Maybe lamasi can improve on the salad for next groupon visitors 😉

Apr 2011

8 Responses to : Lamasi cafe – Groupon Review

  1. MK says:

    Ask, and you shall receive 🙂

  2. Emi says:

    THe Salad look boring and dull for that price!

  3. SR says:

    Based on my experience just now-
    Pizza hut salad tastes better. I tried shrimp salad. Its like little pieces of udang kering in the salad, so small(Can’t even see the prawn like yours in the picture) The salad dressing has no salad cream, just a bit oil –Feels like eating grass, very dry. As for the Prawn Pizza(supposedly have ‘Tiger Prawns’,but in actual just 4 small prawns ),the dough underneath is not cooked well. What a waste of my RM 40. Seriously. I’m just being honest.

    The only thing that is nice : The owner is nice and friendly.

  4. Randy says:

    Bro, at least you got the prawns!
    Aku ordered the chicken ceasar salad.
    My ayam berkiub 0.5cm about 15 biji saja…

  5. titan says:

    fuhh, lapar dibuatnya..

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