Food for cat-thought

So last two weeks when I was co-working with @cerventus & @JoshuaChay join our table at The Bee, Jaya One. Then, there’s a patron bringing their dogs and the owner was commanding the dogs to sit, or be calm, i nearly forget. Our mobileoffice chit chat swaps to animals.

So Joshua was telling me that he know someone is doing a pet-birthday-cake. I was like ORLY??! Apparently it’s no joke. As a sort of compassion between the owner and the pet, they celebrate the pet birthday by giving them cakes. It’s not those cake that we usually ate rather, it’s actually a dogfood/catfood/ whateveryouranimalfood is/ will be turned into a cake.

The question whether that animal get the idea/meaning of the cake that is for their birthday or not, is out of the question.

Then, he was sharing me his opinion that we humans shouldn’t give our leftovers to our pet/ random animals /stray dog & cats for what would I call a brilliant reasoning.

Now imagine the food you ate everyday, like fried fish, fried chicken, chicken chop, beef stew. All of this dishes that we ate eventually may lead to our disease such as artery clot, heart disease, heart failure and so on. So imagine, if those kind of fatty food did affect our body, then just imagine how bad it can be for a cat to ate pizza. Okay pizza maybe a bad example, but I’m sure cats do eat kfc too. But imagine those fats, oils enter the cat digestion system.

And the fact that all pets have shorter life span makes giving leftovers to them are more harmful to them. So maybe if you have pet/cat at home, feed them well. They deserve better live too.

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Apr 2011

2 Responses to : Food for cat-thought

  1. oDiN says:

    so stop giving leftover food to stray animals ? 🙁

  2. tekong says:

    give with a thought

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