Jom Satu Malaysia

So last week I’ve went to BN Youth Job Fair to accompany my wife looking at how viable her job is. All of the attendees were given this book.

Picture galore. 29 pictures and all stream from facebook so i don’t have to worry about bandwidth.

28 to go

The most merepek one indeed. minum teh tarik at moon.

another brainwash on top left

YORAIS podewin!

does it sounds like menyamakan kalimah syahadah dengan 1 malaysia? I dont know. from my understanding la.

Oh this is the book publisher.

Well, as expected anyway, the book from the government. For me, the job fair itself is a success and proof BN Youth care about Youth. In fact I can say kudos too for Khairy Jamaluddin. I mean, on the positive side, I wonder if opposition did any job fair too previously? If they did, too bad because it goes unnoticed.

On another note, sambil menyelam minum air 🙂

Didn’t I tell you I’m neither on both sides? Oh I’m a registered voter and voted once!

Apr 2011

4 Responses to : Jom Satu Malaysia

  1. bubbles182 says:

    wahh siap post each pages. ni baru betul namanya sharing is caring ;p

  2. Kassim says:

    tah hape hape tul. especially bab nk baca shahadah tu pun nk kena camtu. nnt ade mufti mane ntah pi ikut ckp dier tu memang nk kena

  3. TeratoMan says:

    Assalamualaikum dah dipinggirkan? Salam 1 Malaysia diutamakan?

  4. tekong says:

    thanks all on the opinion ;D

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