what would PAS said?

I came across this article at Malaysiakini titled : Chinese Voters- Who’s telling the truth?

And I came across this comment, where the italicized part is my concern.

Swipenter: As a non-Muslim, I ask myself why I should be afraid of Islamic values if such values are universal in nature. Values such as fairness, equality, tolerance and acceptance of diversity, transparency, accountability, freedom from fear, racism, discrimination, etc, are universal in nature.

Of course, if PAS only talks about and insist on their sense of self-righteousness, like you cannot practise yoga, wear lipsticks and high heels, that non-Muslims are ‘dhimmis’ and their way of life is impure and inferior to Muslims, etc, then that is a totally different story altogether.

My religious teachings have many things in common with Islamic teachings, but the big difference is that we emphasise personal responsibility/self-restraint rather than outside enforcement.

For example, drinking of alcohol is a not a good thing but if you choose to drink then you must be aware of the consequences of alcohol consumption in addition to our civil laws on drunk driving and such.

Let me confirm you that I didn’t do all of those things, simply because I have no interest in that. And not because of religious obligations. In general, I believe what PAS want to enforce is only for muslim matters and manners. Like banning the gambling, liquor to muslim.

But then again, how about those concert? Again, I didn’t go to concert, (well I did go to orchestra :p) but with all protest to concert events and so on, that might effect the non-muslims too. In my shallow knowledge, it is their rights too to have entertainment. I remember many non-muslim gone angry prior to previous concert cancellation.

A simple fix is to ban muslim that going to concert. But again in my opinion, banning here and there doesn’t work that well with rebellious humane side. I also believe a Muslim doesn’t put a simple superior/inferior justifi/classifi-cation because we know, we are nothing but God’s creation and we’ll be judged in the Hereafter.

And Pas would face uprising, again, if these inferior/superior mindset aren’t being removed from Non-Muslim mindset or if what they want always being cancelled..

It may took long time to convert Malaysia to Kelantan, but come to think of it, the cities that doesn’t have pubs, cinemas, still operate very well, and my chinese friend are okay with it. The hardest part for PAS is to educate and try to eliminate pre-embedded justification towards islam – cannot do this cannot do that.

Let me confirm you again that Islamic Law only applies to Muslims.

Lastly, what would PAS said? Particularly to that italicized line?

P/S: I’m non-aligned.

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P P P/S: it is indeed a very long way for PAS to educate people of their ideals of Islamic State

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Feb 2011