Bye 2010, Hello 2011

I know it’s still not the end of 2010, but since the new year a lot of people will end up partying whatever, I’ll better post when there’s more readership. Haha.

And before I start, congratulations to Malaysia soccer team for winning AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. You have united all malaysians.

So first thing first, revisiting 2010 resolution and my own commentaries is after this double slash ‘//’

  1. Getting Prue, Playstation 3 & iPhone, 4G preferably. Oh yes Unlimited 3G too! // Didn’t bought PS3. But I got Samsung Galaxy S
  2. Open Tabung Haji account // fail
  3. Become a better Coffee Hunter or take Baristas courses. // i think i’m able to take a coffee without sugar already :)
  4. Push Weddingkami & Officekami to the next level // both getting more featured and yeah, next level achieved
  5. Cutting my ‘treat’ expenditure by quarter, or half. Need to save more money // better too, been rempiting for more this year
  6. Cutting my fuel consumption to only RM200 per month maximum, while still using the same car, Anubis // achieved at least RM180-210
  7. Allocating at least 2-3 days per week to commuting using LRT. Particularly to unlock more Officekami location plus living a healthy lifestyle. //ultimate fail
  8. Keep up the good work in becoming a better man towards those who I love, which is the family and friends and all general people. // I got married, been good to the family and I think I have great friends and for general people :)

Behold, 2011 resolution

  1. Buy a friggin PS3 la weh. Or PS4
  2. Open Tabung Haji account pleaselah
  3. Get another Orbital Frame, Type:Car . ( btw 2009 resolution completed in 2010- buy a new orbital frame type motorcycle: Ardjet )
  4. Making Officekami stand on its own & growing Weddingkami further
  5. Going for Umrah.
  6. Rent a home
  7. Getting slimmer to 60kg (I bet after this Herbalife or any slimming agent will chase me ha ha ha)
  8. Be able to be more able (WTFISH IS THISSSSSS)

And off course, following the traditions, 2010 top commented blogpost (and the number of the comment)

  1. Jan = Sorry Girls (14)
  2. Feb = WE HAVE A TIE!!: A Week Fever & The Rope of Peace-Talitenang (7)
  3. Mar = This is why I’m fat (9)
  4. Apr = WE HAVE A THREESOME = Technochef, Nak RM300,000 tak? , Featured in Cyberjaya-TV Kreative Collective (8)
  5. May = 25 (my birthday blogpost & announcement I’m already engaged) (35)
  6. June = Budaya Kerja Officekami (10)
  7. July = Using Samsung Galaxy S as a Navigator (24)
  8. Aug = Namakan Weddingkami Kitorang (29)
  9. Sept = 12 gambar interface twitter baru (17)
  10. Oct = Tolong aku pilih motor mana satu (14)
  11. Nov = Just married (13)
  12. Dec = In The Stars and Kosmos (8)

And surprise in 2010, I’ve did few geeky things as in meme-related. Click the post to see it.

  1. My Loyalty to My Country
  2. CSI- Horatio-Rambo
  3. Maxis & Digi iPhone4 price wars- inceptionized
  4. Inception + Kick Ass Mash up trailer
  5. Don’t talk shit
  6. kau tengah troll aku ke?
  7. Aku ada rasa nak masuk raja lawak…

And lastly, achievement/activities/happenings in 2010

  1. My article in Flash/Flex Developer International Magazine
  2. The rope of peace – Talitenang
  3. TEDxKL #2 review
  4. Featured in Cyberjaya-TV Kreative Collective
  5. Speaking at TEDxMMU
  6. Get to review a premium laptop bag = Targus Spruce EcoSmart
  7. Attended Video Games Live
  8. Little contribution to Balsamiq Mockups
  9. Featured in newspaper: Budaya Kerja Officekami
  10. Win Maxis 10 and got Samsung Galaxy S: Say hello to my Samantha Carter – a testimony of my digital influence (ppfffttt)
  11. Berbuka bersama Anak-anak ASDAF
  12. I slept when I drive = Sleepdriving
  13. Teaching Rohingya Refugee School kids about microsoft word
  14. Interviewed in BFM 89.9 about Weddingkami
  15. Invited to mentor Urekaweekend
  16. Demonstrated Google App Inventor at CodeAndroid Malaysia Meetup
  17. Attended the first largest tweetup in Malaysia 23Oct
  18. Academic Journal submitted being approved and will be presented in conference overseas :)
  19. Featured in The Star about Young Entrepreneurs.
  20. A mobileoffice was built based on my consultation/idea about my ideal mobileoffice
  21. 500 supporters for #harimaumalaya twibbon!
  22. I’m not single, anymore :p

That would be all. Have a great new year people!

Dec 2010

7 Responses to : Bye 2010, Hello 2011

  1. Syahmi says:

    Wah. Semoga terus berjaya pada tahun 2011 nanti! :)

    ps. I was the guy sitting beside you during JomSocial screening tempoh hari. 😀

  2. Loq says:

    Cubalah herba Dr Rozmey , pasti berkesan dalam seminggu.mwahaha
    I am happy for you bro. #tekongdahkawenakhirnya #alhamdulillah

  3. tekong says:

    syahmi – oho nasib baik jumpa dalam interweb juga.

    loq – ko salah taip loq. kena taip dR Rozmey hahaha

  4. Loq says:

    Whatevaaaa .hahaha

  5. Khaidir says:

    Wish you all the best and happy new year, 2011.


  6. Hamdi says:

    banyak giler wishlist tahun nih. hehehe

  7. tekong says:

    banyak ke? sikit je

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