Bye 2010, Hello 2011

I know it’s still not the end of 2010, but since the new year a lot of people will end up partying whatever, I’ll better post when there’s more readership. Haha.

And before I start, congratulations to Malaysia soccer team for winning AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. You have united all malaysians.

So first thing first, revisiting 2010 resolution and my own commentaries is after this double slash ‘//’

  1. Getting Prue, Playstation 3 & iPhone, 4G preferably. Oh yes Unlimited 3G too! // Didn’t bought PS3. But I got Samsung Galaxy S
  2. Open Tabung Haji account // fail
  3. Become a better Coffee Hunter or take Baristas courses. // i think i’m able to take a coffee without sugar already :)
  4. Push Weddingkami & Officekami to the next level // both getting more featured and yeah, next level achieved
  5. Cutting my ‘treat’ expenditure by quarter, or half. Need to save more money // better too, been rempiting for more this year
  6. Cutting my fuel consumption to only RM200 per month maximum, while still using the same car, Anubis // achieved at least RM180-210
  7. Allocating at least 2-3 days per week to commuting using LRT. Particularly to unlock more Officekami location plus living a healthy lifestyle. //ultimate fail
  8. Keep up the good work in becoming a better man towards those who I love, which is the family and friends and all general people. // I got married, been good to the family and I think I have great friends and for general people :)

Behold, 2011 resolution

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Dec 2010

My Loyalty to My Country

screenshot_01Let me start this blogpost by quoting a quote that I always quoted in my blog.

Politics are fickle, they change with timesSo long as we remain loyal to our countries, soldiers (citizens – for this case) like us need nothing to believe in.

It is the saying of Naked Snake/Big Boss.

From the latest AFF Suzuki Cup, Indonesia with their sheer number of Twitteratis, a land full of Blackberry, twitted #malaysiacheatlaser and Hate Malaysia until it become the trending topic in Twitter-verse. Much come to worst, covered in several blogs, including Gizmodo. At first, Gizmodo writings were one sided. I’ve found a video thanks to my friend Munzir that found the official Youtube video from AFF Suzuki Cup, clearly showing how Malaysian goalkeeper being lasered during the first match and lost 5-1 to indonesia.

So I decided to email the author, Jack Loftus. Inside the spoiler below are my email to them

tekong email to gizmodo

Hi Jack Loftus.

I’m Ikhwan Nazri from Malaysia. Regarding your post, I would like to show you the video of the first match before AFF Suzuki Cup Final. Previously on the first leg of the competition, Indonesia has beaten Malaysia 5-1 at Jakarta, Indonesia and they have been using lasers as well

here is the proof, source video recording from Official AFF Suzuki Cup Youtube

Please see 4:05. You can see clearly green marks at Malaysian goalkeeper face. We shamefully lost 5-1.

Another previous news read you must read is here.

anyway. You can also read the news piece originated from Indonesia, and using the Google Translate will help.

The news piece simply said by Indonesian journalist: Indonesia Losing Not Because Laser.

I think it is pretty understandable for these die-hard fans to give back what they receive. Lasers. While I didn’t condone the act, I believe there’s always another side of story. And also, Indonesia can really just make things and tweets trending, because they have the volumes.

Thanks and best regards,

Good thing is, they updated the post to include that video, and stated ‘both sides are guilty’ :)

I’m such an avenger. but I’m not done there yet.

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Dec 2010

Meet my new Orbital Frame: Ardjet

So beberapa bulan lepas aku ada buat post nak pilih motor mana satu, 135 LC atau Belang R.

Last2 aku beli Honda jugak. Honda Ultimo Wave X 125

No plet dia takleh blah kan

Nama Ardjet diambil dari series game: Zone of The Enders.

So setakat ni aku ada/guna 3 orbital frame/kenderaan. Anubis, Jehuty & Ardjet. Anubis & Jehuty tu second hand + abah aku bagi pakai (bukan bagi terus). Dan Ardjet ni kira first asset aku lah. First hand lagi. Lepas ni bila bini dah mengandung kalau mampu baru beli kereta kot tapi setakat Saga FL la kalau ye pun. tak mampu lagi nak beli kereta besar2 canggih. Kalau korang fan Zone Of The Enders, mesti dah dapat agak nama kereta aku lepas ni.

Tapi aku rasa range istilah Orbital Frame hanya sampai lepas aku beli Saga FL. Kalau lepas tu aku upgrade, mestilah upgrade best2 macam Honda Police Cruiser ke, Peugeot 407 ke. Dan bila dah upgrade best2 nama pun mestilah best2 macam Swordfish/Spike Spiegel atau VF1J.

Heh impian.

Tak salah ada impian, paling2 pun ada ‘wishlist

Dec 2010

Kita Berbeza

Orang selalu cakap dan nyanyi: Kita Serupa~

Apa kata kita terbalikkan meja itu. Kita terima hakikat, yang kita berbeza, dan terimalah perbezaan itu seadanya. Tiada kesamarataan. Tetapi tolak ansur dalam meraikan perbezaan.

Itulah kata-kata aluan aku untuk lagu Demascus akan datang: Kita Berbeza. Mesti dengar :)

UPDATE 22/11: Dah upload 1 minit preview lagu ni


Dec 2010

In The Stars and Kosmos

Been quite while this blog has been left without updates. So yeah. Finally all things and wedding ceremony has been done. Firstly before I brag myself appearing in the paper again, a lot of thanks and love to those who attended my reception. Your existence during my reception is really meaningful to me. And also thanks for even bring wedding gifts.

The most sweetest gift I ever receive is the 8-Bit Necktie & The Pulsating Heart. A gift that indeed make a geek extremely happy.

Plus lucky to have few bloggers around, if you want to see blog updates & pictures of my wedding go to the link below

Again I really thank those who come!

So for bragging on the papers now.

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Dec 2010