Susu 1Malaysia

Let me confirm you that I’m non-aligned to any parties, even for PAS & PKR. It’s just that BN has too many things that I can talk about and the latest thing, Susu 1 Malaysia.

Susu 1Malaysia was announced back in September 2010. I do think the name is over-rated. Well that’s what you can expect from government servant anyway. I remember doing one proposal with them, specifically ask me to include 1Malaysia logo in the app, and specifically ask for blue BN color. I think most of Twitterjaya agrees it’s overrated.

Anyway, so how Susu 1Malaysia looks like?

Here you go, what I see is what you got.

Front cover. The graphic is cheap I think.

More picture after this

You can read the purpose of Susu 1Malaysia / 1Malaysia Milk on the other side. Plus, the food manufacturer. And not to forget, SUMBANGAN DARI KERAJAAN.

Nutrition information of the milk + public service announcement. Do Not Litter.

They forgot to put Good Before, translation for Baik Sebelum. Language-facist?

The Taste

Since I pretty much drink and eat all thing as long as it’s halal, I can’t find any significant taste attributes to the milk. Taste pretty much same like Dutch lady, or maybe my standard are too low. But one thing, I find it taste similar like the one I drink 15-18 years ago back in primary school.

So readers, any comments? You may troll below

Nov 2010

5 Responses to : Susu 1Malaysia

  1. Fazlee says:

    i’m waiting for belacan & budu 1Malaysia.

  2. Marvin says:

    Susu lembu from lembu, susu kambing from kambing…
    Susu 1Malaysia means what?

  3. Iwani says:

    We don’t want to know what they perah to get the 1M susu

  4. tekong says:

    fazlee – cencaluk 1 malaysia1

    marvin – means susu came from the taxpayer’s money

    iwani – i want to answer that but someone at my position has to be careful what i want to joke with. unless I’m russell peters

  5. Bangau says:

    mega project ni tekong.. kalo x lingkup la next GE

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