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First, my wedding is just around the corner, less than 3 weeks left from the date of this post. Juggling all things has been my frequent lunch but never been this hard. All the jobs coming/proposal that need to be completed within this 3-6 weeks duration have cancelled due to shorthanded. If only I grew my company more bigger, this problem will not happen.

Too bad it’s happen because I afraid to grow. That’s why I’m short, and fat. Still, the company are doing fine.

Nonetheless, I

  • As pictured above, I & Emi being interviewed by Freda Liu at BFM Radio for Weddingkami in Open For Business slot yesterday, tuesday 9 november. Missing it? here’s the podcast.
  • was invited to mentor Urekaweekend‘s participant.
  • demonstrated how to use Google App Inventor at CodeAndroid Malaysia Meetup
  • Attended the largest tweetup ever – #oct23rdtwtup
  • Submitted a journal paper for conference. Didn’t I told you I’m taking Master in Creative Science for Human Instrumentality Project for the Better Nation of Kazakhastan ?
  • Visited a Mobileoffice that was build based on few of my ideas :) [even it’s only few, but i felt thankful and great hehe]

So that’s it. Back to work.

Nov 2010

8 Responses to : On Air

  1. kruel74 says:

    You an overachiever though you hardly look like one :)

  2. tekong says:

    kruel – that’s sweet :”> but no, i’m not that overachiever though. it always felt like syok sendiri -_-

  3. iskandar says:

    tiap kali aku tgk Kazakhastan aku terigt BORAT.. LOL

  4. Fazlee says:

    Good effort. Keep up the extraordinary work & idea!

  5. boris says:

    salam dude!

    the podcast link not working. i checked on the bfm website, your interview podcast and another dude is also missing huhu

    Human Instrumentality Project for the Better Nation of Kazakhastan <<< is this serious or what? haha (sorry for laughing 'coz it sounds like something that came straight outta Borat's DVD) :p

  6. Hamdi says:

    that’s awesome! good for u bro!

  7. Emi says:

    A personality trait of a Taurus – Hardworking / workaholic / over-achiever :) I guess we have that in common.

    Also rebelious / keras kepala / hot-headed. Hahah.

  8. tekong says:

    iskandar – gile kentang setiap kali ko tengok tu hoho.

    fazlee – thx for the support

    boris- aku seriously tak sure napa podcast link missing. maybe sbb diorang baru update website ada hanky panky. tp link tu mmg work elok je. still ada orang masih ada problem ngan link tu

    hamdi – thx bro 😀

    emi – lucky there’s sabau, based on his Cancer traits, able to neutralize us :p

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