Just married

Yeap. I just married. On last 26th November 2010, I’m now a rightful husband to Hazwani a.k.a @n3thead

We’ve known each other in Yahoo 360 but there was nothing special. But since it serves as our starting point, that’s why we put Yahoo 360 at our bunting. No they didn’t sponsor us. We do wished for it anyway.

Haven’t her add me there, I didn’t know where am I now. However, there’s no real love messages at that moment. For a year, we only communicate through online / instant messages talking about boring stuff that sometimes each of us get bored.

Until I decided to met her, even though she refuse.

Because she’s introvert. She can’t seem to fit very well with others.

As for me, I quickly felt lonely when I doesn’t have a female partner to say stuff, to have extra responsibilities and weight. In other words, I felt the need to be needed. But not needing the work.

All I need is a simple lovable companionship.

So things change when we met. For the first time I know the real person behind the one that I always sms and chatting.

It’s her.

So day and weeks passed by. We have long-distance relationship. We find the chemistry. I send my parents to merisik her. Then getting engaged with her. And it was her that told me at my 25th birthday I should announce the day I’m getting married since there’s a lot of people wishing me at my birthday.

Because all this time, I kept my relationship a secret. But I do leak out few of it on my blog under the category FTW.

For The Wani.

If you follow me on twitter, you can see how forgetful I am. Funny thing is that on the solemnization day, I forgot to bring my Songket. Parents already stressed upon knowing I didn’t bring when changing clothes at the nearest surau with her house. Lucky I have a neighbour who bring ‘kain pelikat’, decided to wear it.

Just right when we parked in front of her house, mum asked me to ask hazwani’s brother to borrow songket. Called him, he bring stocking. I’m screwed but ask him if I can borrow the songket that he currently wear it. And he let me wear it.

I thought I was saved, but not.

Remember my previous days post about – Tiada lagi istilah Wang Hantaran di Selangor (in Malay language) Before that post was written, it was around that time I discussed about wedding things with my dad-in-law. That time he want me to give RM10,000 as wedding-gift money/ Hantaran. Dowry = Maskahwin = RM300.

And during the day of solemnization, the imam said whatever money being presented in wedding gift/hantaran, need to be mentioned. Because in Selangor, there is no term of Wang Hantaran/wedding gift money. I have a tray of RM300 and also a bankers cheque written her name with RM10000.

And I was screwed because it disrupt the script that I need to say during solemnization. I need to mention RM10300 instead of RM300. For the sake of info, dear non-malay readers, I need to say: Aku terima nikahnya Hazwani Bt Muhammad Aris dengan maskahwinnya sepuluh ribu tiga ratus tunai. ( I accept the marriage with Hazwani Bt Muhammad Aris with the dowry amounted ten thousand three hundred ringgit cash.- this is direct translation, I’m unsure how english-muslims get married. )

All this time, i practiced = ‘dengan maskahwinnya tiga ratus tunai’

Luck was on my side, I was able to pronounce it within a single mention. I don’t know why but Malay people indeed really care about how many times you ‘mention’ your solemnization decree. As is if there’s a mistake, you need to repeat it until you succeed. In islam, it is just sufficient to say ‘aku terima nikahnya’ means ‘I accept/ I do’.

So now, Ikhwan Haz Wani.

Alhamdulillah, thank God for the gift. may we live our life well from here till hereafter. Thanks all wishes that come to my facebook or via twitterstream #tekongkawin

And I want to say thanks to Demascus for their song performance, Proton for sponsoring new Proton Inspira to be used at Bride Reception.NO I DON’T GET THAT CAR. Also not to forget, Intai-Intai production for all stunning photos. Special credit given to Abg Nazir from SyikinKadir Wedding Planner for making our wedding went smoothly.

There’s still another event need to be done, Reception on my side. Hope it will goes well.

P/S: I’m not a car enthusiast but if I were to benchmark Proton Inspira, I can’t benchmark it well because on I usually drive Perdana. Old Perdana. Handling is extremely responsive. I’m not used with Tiptronic and kinda hard for not knowing when to shift as the engine doesn’t commit much noises. I do drive Manual car- dad’s Isuzu D-Max. Fuel efficiency is high. Zooming at 100-110km/j with only 2000rpm is just nice. One thing I extremely love is the automated wiper when raining and also automated headlights. You know me. I adore automated things even the automated old Perdana radio antenna that will pop out once you on the radio. The best thing driving this car is that everyone look at you like they haven’t see Mitsubishi Lancer. I once parked the car at mosque, after I left, people swarming like it was a car demo rofl.

P P/S: I’ll be on a roadtrip to visit relatives next 2 weeks, from 13- 17 december around south peninsular malaysia. Sponsor us a ride please.

Nov 2010
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Dari RM10 jadi RM600

Ini bukan MLM. Ini juga bukanlah produk yang dihadapan sistem MLM. Atau ini bukanlah iklan produk yang anda akan dapat diskaun bila jadi ahli dan lagi banyak diskaun sekiranya rakan anda mendapat rakan lain. Sekali lagi ini bukan MLM.

Ok ceritanya macam ini. Ini kisah benar. Kisah aku.

Alkisahnya masa pameran pengantin bulan julai/ogos lepas di midvalley, aku pergi melihat2 kalau ada persiapan yang perlu sebelum kahwin lagi 6 hari dari tarikh blogpost ini ditulis. Masa tu memang takde target nak beli apa pun sebab hampir semua perkara telah diselesaikan/ditempah. Tapi aku dan tunang aku tertarik dengan pakej promosi Facial Wash berharga RM10 untuk 15 minit.

Tunang aku tertarik dengan promosi tersebut. Aku tahu betapa wanita memerlukan kemanjaan sebegini. Jadi aku izinkan sahaja tetapi tunang aku ajak sekali siap belanja lagi RM10. Aku rasa janggal. Lelaki buat Facial? kau mahu aku diketawakan seluruh alam? tapi tunangku sayang kepada aku. Dia mahu aku kelihatan segak. Dia mahu aku kelihatan hensem dimatanya walaupun aku rasa muka aku ni banyak jerawat sebab tangan aku kalau takde di keyboard atau di butang PSP, memang di muka la jawabnya. Jadi aku ikutkan sahaja. So kitorang tempah la dan bayar promosi tersebut.

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Nov 2010

Susu 1Malaysia

Let me confirm you that I’m non-aligned to any parties, even for PAS & PKR. It’s just that BN has too many things that I can talk about and the latest thing, Susu 1 Malaysia.

Susu 1Malaysia was announced back in September 2010. I do think the name is over-rated. Well that’s what you can expect from government servant anyway. I remember doing one proposal with them, specifically ask me to include 1Malaysia logo in the app, and specifically ask for blue BN color. I think most of Twitterjaya agrees it’s overrated.

Anyway, so how Susu 1Malaysia looks like?

Here you go, what I see is what you got.

Front cover. The graphic is cheap I think.

More picture after this

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Nov 2010

On Air

First, my wedding is just around the corner, less than 3 weeks left from the date of this post. Juggling all things has been my frequent lunch but never been this hard. All the jobs coming/proposal that need to be completed within this 3-6 weeks duration have cancelled due to shorthanded. If only I grew my company more bigger, this problem will not happen.

Too bad it’s happen because I afraid to grow. That’s why I’m short, and fat. Still, the company are doing fine.

Nonetheless, I

  • As pictured above, I & Emi being interviewed by Freda Liu at BFM Radio for Weddingkami in Open For Business slot yesterday, tuesday 9 november. Missing it? here’s the podcast.
  • was invited to mentor Urekaweekend‘s participant.
  • demonstrated how to use Google App Inventor at CodeAndroid Malaysia Meetup
  • Attended the largest tweetup ever – #oct23rdtwtup
  • Submitted a journal paper for conference. Didn’t I told you I’m taking Master in Creative Science for Human Instrumentality Project for the Better Nation of Kazakhastan ?
  • Visited a Mobileoffice that was build based on few of my ideas :) [even it’s only few, but i felt thankful and great hehe]

So that’s it. Back to work.

Nov 2010