The real scene behind those kids begging for money

For those who followed me on twitter, last week, last monday i began volunteering for computer class at Madrasah Hashimiah/Rohingya Refugee School. Muslim Aid Asia is conducting a computer class for Madrasah Hashimiah and ¬†Asrama Darul Falah. Since I still have few weeks before I end my ‘bachelor’ I guess it’s kinda perfect time to do few things.

I came last two weeks to inspect the donated computers. Most of them worked and run on Windows. My task is to teach them Microsoft Word, although I’m using Mac :p This brings me back memories in SAMTEN. When I was 13, the first thing I learn about computer is Microsoft Word.

So that was me asking one kid there. Most of the kid stay there because they’re orphan or refugee and some are staying with the family.

I’ve came with Muhammad, Muslim Aid Asia representative. He introduced me to the headmaster, Ustaz Hashim and helped to check the computer. there’s only 6 computer can be used out of 10++ computer donated. Others need some additional hardware and reformat. Along the line, I ask what is refugee and sort of and Muhammad blew my head off with info about refugees.

This refugees mostly from Myanmar / Rohingya. Since they’re Muslim, Malaysia govt just allow them to enter and provide shelter but doesn’t provide much rights. Refugees in overseas even have comfort and rights for job, education, health. But here in Malaysia, this refugees can stay but doesn’t have any rights. The first requirement for anything is ‘are you Malaysian?’

We’re a modern country already and by definition, we’re Muslim country. Aren’t muslim have to help each other especially those in poverty and those who seek protection?

I kinda curious since there’s too many kids, I ask Muhammad,

Me: Dude, is there any chances that these kids are those kids at streets begging for money.

Muhammad: yeap. They need to pay for those ‘transporters/smugglers’.

I was utterly shocked. Imagine, the kid that you gave ‘talk-to-the-hand’ sign is the refugee seeking for protection. All this time I thought it’s a syndicate whatever, but Muhammad said there’s a lower possibility of that too. But most of the time, you may see these same kids are begging for money to pay their transporters/smugglers. They need to pay smugglers who bring them to this country. And yeah while they still a refugee, they need to pay for it. There’s a price for freedom.

It is the same scenario as – you left behind your hometown, with all money & assets that you have, you pay those smugglers to find a better life. The charges too high, you only able to pay for the deposit. –

And just now, I just gave ‘talk-to-the-hand’ sign to a kid asking me to buy some Quran-verses stickers.

F* I’m too emo to end this post properly T-T. All in all I hope when i complete my voluntary class with them, they will become someone that can change their life. Someone can fix it. And i hope the country will have some sort of Refugee program to help them.

And for God sake to the government that always like to say this is Islamic country, please help them.

If you have few good computers, you can donate to them. And they still need volunteers to teach Microsoft Word, time between 10AM-12Noon between Tuesday till Friday. Interested, contact Muhammad = 03-22881996.

Thanks to MuidLatif for one day he wrote that he gave a pack of Vitagen to the poor kids playing at the roadside. It leads me to become more aware of voluntary work.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.- William Shakespeare (- maybe kinda out of context, but this is my blog)

// edited few lines for better understanding, thanks to ezani.

Oct 2010
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11 Responses to : The real scene behind those kids begging for money

  1. novatech says:

    bagus… patutnya kita xleh pandang serong dan penuh prejudis kat diorang ni

  2. crimsonskye says:

    Transporters tu macam mana? Orang yang bawa refugees ni masuk Malaysia ke?

  3. tekong says:

    novatech – tula pasal

    crimsonskye – tak pernah tengok cerita transporter? lebih kurang tu lah. takpun bahasa melayunya = penyeludup

  4. e2an1 says:

    you still need to improve your english, i don’t really understand this. by “transporter”, did you mean the “people who brought them here”? if so, why did these kids still need to pay these “transporters”, even when they’re in refugee camps?

    also, first time i read it, i thought the tranporters meant the people who brought those kids from the camps to the mamaks to mintak derma.

  5. tekong says:

    e2an1 – thanks dude. I’ve added few lines to add more explanation. the transporters/the smugglers is those fellas that you need to pay in order to get here. same cases as indonesian illegal immigrant. They pay the ‘tekong’ / boat navigator / smuggler few amounts just to get on Malaysia’s shore. But those are illegal immigrant. Refugees by definition is when their country have crisis, they’re unwanted and so on. Krakozhia!

  6. Obefiend says:

    i saw the documentary about them on BBC

    some of our polis and jabatan imigresen squeeze money out of them when they were randomly stopped

    yep. so called muslim brothers victimising other brothers just because they can. just because we gave them shelter they are supposed to bend over and take the abuse? as one of the kids interviewed said

    “this is small abuse compared to what we suffered in our homeland”

    kesian kan

    memalukan umat!

  7. Fird says:

    Dude, this is such an eye opener. I always thought they’re syndicates all the time. Too bad I’m working full time else I’d love to teach these kids!

  8. e2an1 says:

    well, this post still doesn’t make me wanna give sympathy to these kids. surely there must be some other way of making money besides begging for it.

    Oh, if you find the backstory regarding the blind beggars with their assistants, I would really like to know. I’m so curious to know why their assistants choose to help the blind beggars to beg when they seem healthy enough to get proper jobs.

  9. tekong says:

    obefiend – tulah. nama je negara islam

    fird – if I fight for worker rights to have few hours to do voluntary work, will you be my supporter

    e2an1 – if you inside the shoe of someone who can’t work anywhere, what would you do? i mean these kids, for sure they’re underage, can’t work anywhere just because they aren’t malaysian. they doesn’t have rights at the same level as foreigners mind you. afaik, there’s also some kids there selling peanuts, food and stuff but i don’t deny that some of them might be beggars too.

    for a person who live in poverty, they need hope to cling and to move on. money doesn’t do much, knowledge is.

  10. Mike Tee says:

    We work with refugees as well on – they are based around Kuala Lumpur. Working and speaking to them made me realize how difficult this whole issue is, and how ignorant I have been all this while to confuse refugees with illegal immigrants. But the truth is, very little information is published by our local media on this issue – hence the general misunderstanding among many of us. Good write-up and educational as well! :-)

  11. Beburung says:

    transporter = tekong


    *but but but, how bout syndicates involving our local kids? surely that’s another story…

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