CSI Horatio Sunglasses Meme + Rambo

Apparently I have too much work yet few minutes to scrub/speedwatching Rambo and saw the younger david caruso/horatio caine. and he was pulling the dog tag of rambo and makes me remind of his spectacles meme all over the interwebs.

So I decided to create this pics.

If you’re going to create something too, feel free to download the blank, uncaption-ed and unlol-ed jpg down there, and please link back to this post. I would love to see the variations from this picture 😀 Click that picture.

Generating lolpics & something meme is my new hobby, a weird hobby?

Oct 2010

7 Responses to : CSI Horatio Sunglasses Meme + Rambo

  1. EVo says:

    Mannn… I hate this guy. Stuff his glasses up his ass! LOLpic!

  2. tekong says:

    obefiend – winn

    evo – sunglasses double stuff in the comic summore haha

  3. Emi says:

    HAHaHhahaahha! Ko mmg takde kerja!

  4. Mike Tee says:

    Hahaha good one man. If you’re into meme comics try the FFFFFUUUUUU rage comics.

  5. tekong says:

    mike – i don’t have time anymore hahah alasan

  6. SOMEONE says:


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