iPhone4 vs Galaxy S

So last night I was invited as media to the launching of iPhone 4 at gardens. There’s a lot of bloggers there including KennySia. As usual I lepak-ed with @Azmanishak, @Khairul, @amanfirdaus, @Knizam94, @shamhardy, @noktahhitam and a new contacts @eenrockstar who won #Maxis10 for iPhone4 and he’ll be using that device for two weeks, same like I did few months back. And guess what, my friend @syedamir are the third public fella that queued to buy the iPhone

I also met @Smashpop & @Ramestudios who among the first 60 people in Malaysia that bought iPhone 4 so yeah, quickly test and compared my Samantha a.k.a Samsung Galaxy S head on. So the thing is

  1. Screen size = Galaxy S bigger
  2. Pixel sharpness= Smashpop and me load online web and look for the maximum zoom and look upon the letters. iPhone4 wins. But yeah Samsung does make beautiful LCD so maybe it is their LCD after all, topped with dense pixel for iPhone4.
  3. Brightness= On maximum, from my eye, Galaxy S a bit good then iPhone. But maybe because smashpop using default bubble iPhone wallpaper which is in gray color. So I would say on par.
  4. Thickness = Put it side by sied with Rames’s iPhone. Galaxy S slimmer. But you might consider iPhone4 is thick so you can put it horizontal to Face Time Baby!
  5. Speed = Galaxy S still run on Eclair so it is not as smooth and as fast as iPhone4. Plus iPhone4 is freaking fast!. I must say the OS but maybe when I have Froyo I try to benchmark again
  6. HD= iPhone4 video playback and record is HD. iPhone4 advantage is having the ability to edit
  7. Antennagate= Rames hold it the way it shouldn’t be. No problem at all. But according to some theories + stories, Antennagate doesn’t exist in Malaysia for iPhone bcoz we have strong coverage. I’m a bit puzzled because it is a freaking America, takkanlah coverage cap ayam??
  8. Flash = There’s no Flash on iPhone :(

Okay the last line is a lame joke. hahahahhahaha what you can expect from me anyway. However, last raya Apple already lifting it’s ban towards apps that build by 3rd party tools/ compatibility layer. in layman words, we can use Adobe Flash CS5 packager for iPhone. ARENT THAT FREAKING AWESOME!! and I’ve already shifted on AS3 so fyeah Flavert is making way to AppStore! See below!

FINAL VERDICT: iPhone 4 is great if you want to

  1. Record video + EDIT on the fly HD videos. If you just record then galaxy S / Android did the same
  2. Have extra space in your pocket, both pocket money and pants-pocket. But not too thick lah.
  3. Face-time with your girlfriend within only public or home WiFi spots.
  4. You want to give to your less-geeky-gadgetry friends, parents or grandparents. [ Real story= My dad who often ask me to help with his computer and software, never ask my help to use his iPhone 3G. Or at least just extremely few times less than 5 times. The power of greatastic User Interface ]
  5. is a pixel pusher at a webdesign company who doesn’t have the balls to flame /advise the client and you have that pixel sight-vision

That’s all from me. If you want to know more about iPhone4, maybe you can check @eenrockstar tweets or blogs and also @knizam94 tweets or blogs, since he straightaway bought it. Also another fella @einztrigger tweets & blogs here. These meleis might post in meleis so if you’re looking for english review aside from @Smashpop & @Rames, might see one of my twitter friend who also #maxis10 iPhone reviewer here= @abinesh and his blog here.

P/S: Don’t compare Android & iPhone iOS direct/ in general. for me Android are much geeky and iPhone are much easy

P P/S: maybe we’ll see iphone.smashpop.net after this? :p

P P P/S: the video below is a Flash convert to iPhone native using Adobe Flash CS5 packager for iPhone. Pretty smooth.

Sep 2010
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13 Responses to : iPhone4 vs Galaxy S

  1. You should try Fring. ( http://www.fring.com ) they are trying to bring Video calling to all platforms, even over 3g and Wifi. ( Works for Nokia, Android, Sony Erisson, etc )

  2. abdusfauzi says:

    well written and nicely done for a quick review :)

  3. tekong says:

    reshwindblade – yeah knew that but by default, we’ve normal phones already facetime 😀 it’s just these iPhones are so late that they need to introduce iMirror then Face Time

    abdusfauzi – thanks bro 😀

  4. KNizam says:

    hehe senyum la aku bila balik ISB dengan iP4 nanti

  5. Geekmy says:

    Dude, remember america is a thousand times bigger than Malaysia, so covering their city is hellish, plus they have ten times more people 😀

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  7. Nizam6281 says:

    Good review tekong!
    Boleh apply iphone 5 plak (aman kata ada) hehe

  8. ken says:

    cool comparisons!
    unfortunately im not getting one =/

  9. Kenny says:

    Great review. But I still like iPhone…. =P

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  11. tekong says:

    knizam – tudia memang la senyum

    geekmy – ahhh you got the point hehe

    nizam – lagi 5 bulan la kot :p

    ken – why you’re not getting one?

    kenny – i kinda like iPhone too :p

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  13. beburung says:

    #2 – nope, the screen is LG’s.

    cip A4 OTOH….

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