Maxis & Digi iPhone4 price wars- inceptionized

If you within twitter, or if you like Mami Jarum in tech areas, you should know iPhone 4 is coming to Malaysia, and everyone, at least not that those fangirls&fanboys of Akademi Fantasia should knew that Maxis & Digi competing to release their price package of their iPhone.

and my response.

I think I could come up with 100 lame jokes from this Inception scene. :p

Sep 2010

4 Responses to : Maxis & Digi iPhone4 price wars- inceptionized

  1. unifi is coming to Keramat 😀

  2. aman says:

    wheres celcom? ahaha~

  3. tekong says:

    aku tak layan unifi haha

  4. CH_T says:

    I love these scenes, funny ya

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