I was on my way back home.

I felt want to park at the next petrol station and sleep for a while.

All of a sudden I think I blacked out. And when I open my eyes, I hear the radiator fan buzzing, door-open indicator flashing, and my car-hood dented, rising.

I’m okay, but the car definitely not okay.

I hit a viva. A blessing in disguise, the viva has only a slight dent on the bonnet. Lucky that viva’s bumper aren’t affected. It seems this old Perdana sustain more damage than that viva.

Broken lamps, fall-out bumpers, dented radiator and hood. All might cost 2-3K as told by the insurance.

I am quite stress because this is my dad’s car.

And my dad is not the one that doesn’t care about his car. I’m not saying he care about the car more than he care about me. But he really love all his belongings. And that’s the perfect reason this car, already 15 years still working perfectly. My family owns it for 10 years and still counting.

And this is the second time I’m in accident. Same type accident. Hit the front car in traffic jam.

Just that for this second time, I was sleepdriving.

Maybe I need to buy my own car, commit sleepdriving, and see how much I love my own car.

P/S: So far I’ve been sleepwalking, sleepbiking, and new skill unlocked, sleepdriving.

Sep 2010

9 Responses to : Sleepdriving

  1. Firdaus says:

    This is what you call microsleep, you are so drowsy suddenly you just blacked out. Happened to me on the way from Putrajaya few weeks back but Alhamdulillah at that time I’m already at Jalan Ampang traffic light.

  2. tekong says:

    firdaus – having microsleep on the wheels definitely not okay huhu

  3. amanruzaini says:

    it happened to me alot. but then syukur la masih selamat lagi even like 2 3 times jugak la almost hit car & divider. esp kalu ulang alik cyber – kl. skarang ni aku amek cara selamat. when sleepy, call someone to talk to and after that sure rasa macam tak ngantok dah. 😉

  4. kruel74 says:

    Happened to me in 1999 and it was a very bad accident. Alone. No other car involved but crossed a big drain in PLUS highway. Never again will I drive if I am too sleepy…

  5. Salleh says:

    Haish…nanti apabila beli kereta sendiri, pastikan pasang besi seperti 4×4 tu…:)
    Alhamdulillah masih boleh melaporkan di blog,teruskan kehidupan:)

  6. Lolo says:

    wah. alhamdulillah u’re alrite. kalau benda nak jadi, mmg akan jadi. all we can do, take precautions and pray to Him. ^_^

  7. tekong says:

    aman – aku biasa call tunang aku. tp haritu dia buat kuih raya lak. mende nak jadik wuwuw

    kruel – 1999 you must be at my age that time.

    salleh – gila kalo pasang besi 4X4 tu hancur viva tu hahahah

    lolo – tula mende nak jadi. mana ada sape nak accident. huhu

  8. beburung says:

    a “kick”?

  9. tekong says:

    yeah right a kick :p

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