12 gambar interface twitter baru

Semua tengah kecoh pasal interface twitter yang baru kan? Hehe aku dah pakai dua hari dari hari Ahad tak silap aku. So apasal ramai sangat orang kecoh dengan hashtag #newtwitter lagi ni?

Meh aku tunjuk 11 screenshot. Aku ada sampai 15 screenshot tapi sebab takut trafik naik pastu bandwidth habis, aku kurangkan screenshot. Yang dulu bulan puasa sampai 4000 visit. Nasib baik bandwith banyak hahah.

Sebelum korang start, review ni panjang gak. Kalau bos korang marah baca blog, cakap korang tengah baca pasal User Experience/User Interface Twitter yang baru. Kalau dia cakap twitter buang masa pastu dia kerja dekat IT department, kau tumbuk dia atau kau hantar surat letak jawatan, kerja kat company lagi advance. Semua gambar ini boleh di click untuk tengok lebih jelas.

General Interface / Home Twitter

So ini paparan pemuka lepas korang login. Aku mula mula mencarik gak kat mana nak log out. rupanya log out melalui dropdown box. In general, dia terbahagi dua. Kiri adalah timeline ( timeline berdasarkan following, list, new messages ) dan panel sebelah kanan lebih kepada description. Sekiranya anda click sesuatu pada panel sebelah kiri, akan ada popup di sebelah kanan yang akan diterangkan pada gambar2 berikut. Melalui general interface ini korang boleh straight away tengok @mentions/replies, retweets, searches, ngan lists. Aku paling suka kat sini part retweet. sebab kat drop down menu dia ada—

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Sep 2010
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iPhone4 vs Galaxy S

So last night I was invited as media to the launching of iPhone 4 at gardens. There’s a lot of bloggers there including KennySia. As usual I lepak-ed with @Azmanishak, @Khairul, @amanfirdaus, @Knizam94, @shamhardy, @noktahhitam and a new contacts @eenrockstar who won #Maxis10 for iPhone4 and he’ll be using that device for two weeks, same like I did few months back. And guess what, my friend @syedamir are the third public fella that queued to buy the iPhone

I also met @Smashpop & @Ramestudios who among the first 60 people in Malaysia that bought iPhone 4 so yeah, quickly test and compared my Samantha a.k.a Samsung Galaxy S head on. So the thing is

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Sep 2010
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Maxis & Digi iPhone4 price wars- inceptionized

If you within twitter, or if you like Mami Jarum in tech areas, you should know iPhone 4 is coming to Malaysia, and everyone, at least not that those fangirls&fanboys of Akademi Fantasia should knew that Maxis & Digi competing to release their price package of their iPhone.

and my response.

I think I could come up with 100 lame jokes from this Inception scene. :p

Sep 2010

Inception + Kick Ass Mash up trailer

Made by yours truly for fun for revving up my working mood.

(ppfftt so much for my working mood hahaha)

Originally I wanted to do mash up with Star Trek Generations but my external gone mad that I lost it. So I was left out with Kick Ass. Took me 3 hours to choose the footage and edit this video.

P/S: Didn’t I tell you Inception is Kick Ass?

P P/S: by the way if you want to see it HD, see it in Inception + Kick Ass Mash Up Trailer on Youtube here.

Sep 2010


I was on my way back home.

I felt want to park at the next petrol station and sleep for a while.

All of a sudden I think I blacked out. And when I open my eyes, I hear the radiator fan buzzing, door-open indicator flashing, and my car-hood dented, rising.

I’m okay, but the car definitely not okay.

I hit a viva. A blessing in disguise, the viva has only a slight dent on the bonnet. Lucky that viva’s bumper aren’t affected. It seems this old Perdana sustain more damage than that viva.

Broken lamps, fall-out bumpers, dented radiator and hood. All might cost 2-3K as told by the insurance.

I am quite stress because this is my dad’s car.

And my dad is not the one that doesn’t care about his car. I’m not saying he care about the car more than he care about me. But he really love all his belongings. And that’s the perfect reason this car, already 15 years still working perfectly. My family owns it for 10 years and still counting.

And this is the second time I’m in accident. Same type accident. Hit the front car in traffic jam.

Just that for this second time, I was sleepdriving.

Maybe I need to buy my own car, commit sleepdriving, and see how much I love my own car.

P/S: So far I’ve been sleepwalking, sleepbiking, and new skill unlocked, sleepdriving.

Sep 2010