Away from this blog because will be busy for next week to. Here let me update you few things

  1. The result for my Namakan Weddingkami aku = 1) – I already registered waniwan and no one successfully guessed it, so no one get it. The next is that with all the names given, no one come close to likings. Kreuger & zaiman noris got it near with Thisisit/thisis.weddingkami.com. At the end we decide to name our weddingkami as = its.weddingkami.com 😀
  2. Last week I’ve began my part-time at Sunway University college as Flash tutor. My 2nd employment after first. Will be working for 3 hours for 14 weeks teaching them basic of Flash including ActionScript.
  3. And since last week, I’ve teach Flash for 3 days, and this upcoming week, going to teach Flash for 4 days. While HTML5 is the next standard, Flash, from my perspective, will be reduced to what it does originally, a tool for artist, animators, graphic designers. The statement Flash is dead is overrated, as Flash will complement HTML5 later on
  4. In other words, we’ll see HTML5 ads coming soon too :)
  5. And I start code in HTML

Later. That would be all :)

Aug 2010

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