Scheduling Sahur & Break-fasting with this WordPress Plugin

If you’re a Muslim and a full-time blogger, then this widget is definitely a-must-have from you.

This is because you spend more time on your blog, and others too, and think of giving back piece of info specifically for this Ramadhan. It is Sahur & Break-fasting WordPress Plugin coded by my friend Mr & Mrs Kay. With this plugin,you could see the time for Imsak, Subuh Prayer where we start to fast for the whole day and Maghrib, where we’ll break our fast. The plugin based on day and the info sourced from JAKIM, an Islamic body in Malaysia.

This plugin covers most area in Malaysia, including Sabah & Sarawak and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty good. I’ve requested for international version for this plugin from them. Let’s hope they able to do that because if they did, that’s a pretty good deeds 😀

Download Waktu Berbuka WordPress Plugin here.

P/S: So we’ll see more and more programmers or bloggers contribute to Ramadhan. Much alike in real world, where you can see specific promos or break-fasting buffets pops out, they make Ramadhan monts more merrier. Sweet.

P P/S: Pay a visit to Mr Kay blog here.

Aug 2010

2 Responses to : Scheduling Sahur & Break-fasting with this WordPress Plugin

  1. syia says: nanti nk letak

  2. tekong says:

    syia – letak jangan tak letak

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