If I were to work somewhere

Few who close with me know that I want to work with Artlebedev, Mythbusters.

However, I found out about this recently, and make me want to work with them.

Presenting- Ogilvy Noor: the world’s first specialist consultancy for building brands with Muslim consumers

Why I want to work with them? (aside from they’re located in Malaysia)

One of my work ethics is that I will not work in anything that related with drug, alcohol, anything that against Islam. I have pre-installed view of common advertising agency which do that stuff. However, seeing this video kind of attract me. Muslim now has their own market. Unlocked market. So there should be needs for a muslim products to be advertised/campaigned on par with their counterparts.

And this should be interesting.

I’ve been to one day advertising courses. I can’t say I’m expert at it but at least it give me a dip of how advertising taste like. I’ve gotta say it’s a helluva interesting experience.

Now, as a muslim, I do see there’s a need among young muslim consumer. If you see, there’s already few Muslim-based social network, Muslims T-Shirt (including our client Brotherhood Arts ) and more to come. Don’t forget the new show from Astro: Imam Muda which garnered a lot of interest. For me, it is an interesting show.Me myself, upon creating al-Quran for PlayStation Portable, were aimed to develop islamic based game. You can see few elements of Islam in popular games such as Assassin Creed, even though some said it is like staining good image of Muslim. Imagine, in a city full of Arabs who stereotypically a muslim, doing the killing here and there. For me, there a lack of entertaining interactive game tailored for Muslims.

in fact, aside from Nasyid, there’s nothing more for entertainment in Islam.

I’m going to break that. I mean, at least before I die, I should produce an Islamic game. At least before I die, I want the future Muslims to become more emergent in international level. What game, i’ve yet to know, but I’ll be there, hoping to be on par with Hideo Kojima.

P/S: freaking ambitious for this matter…

P P/S: one of the most funny yet most puzzled comment I got for Al-Quran for PSP = Now muslims can built bombs inside PSP -____- ( or maybe it is actually a joke, a bad joke. )

P P P/S: THIS IS NOT A BLOGPOST-RESUME! (or video-resume like MindValley did)

Jul 2010

4 Responses to : If I were to work somewhere

  1. Eizil says:

    Semoga cita-citamu akan tercapai… :) mungkin kalau berganding bahu akan lebih mudah menjadikan segala impian itu menjadi kenyataan…

  2. tekong says:

    eizil – amin insyaAllah

  3. myadlan says:

    wah.. aku respek dengan ko. tabik spring!! all the best. I’m with you bro!

  4. tekong says:

    myadlan – thanks bro 😀

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