Say hello to my Samantha Carter

Alhamdulillah, thank god, I got Samsung Galaxy S that I reviewed it. Thanks to Maxis10 review program.

So from this day on, the phone shall be name Samantha Carter. Most of the name of my gadget’s are not that long (unless one = Sandy Kruzy) I named it Samantha coz taking few parts of Samsung name. I’m not fan of K-Drama and didn’t know anything Korean so there goes. And that Carter is to add reference to Dr Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) in Stargate SG-1. At least you know it’s not a random Samantha.

Now below are the compilation of my review of it.

The good

  • Big ass Super AMOLED screen
  • HD Recording
  • Some hidden features as in swiping name to dial or message
  • Didn’t I tell you it’s fast.

The Bad

  • I suspect a poor memory management. Sometimes extremely lag. I usually face this with my Seesmic/Twitter. Samsung reps might said coz either I follow to much people (600) fellas LOL
  • Samsung Widgets are not that useful. Ate too much spaces
  • It’s Eclair, not Froyo.
  • The way to answer the phone is way much hassle.
  • Too big for my small palm

Aside from review, I also did telling people, fellow geeky friends and academicians and  give feedback ( both good and bad ) about the devices. Even in Open Web Asia, shared internet using Samantha Access Point so that few of us could terminate our internet desperation. And thanks to these fellas for retweeting me, for even sending my link to others who were asking about Galaxy S. You guys rocks the socks!

Nonetheless, judging myself, I rather say I have more impact in offline because when I started tweeting about Samantha, lots of people come to me to see it, to test it, in offline. As in blog traffic, I’m still not such a popular blogger at all. Provided I only blog when I like it. Or when I felt want to say something.

Talk about influence, I wonder how much is my influence stands up among others from all side of world. I am ranked #3 Most Influential Twitter users in Malaysia, which is down by #1 from the last time I see it (I was #2 previously). AND I DON’T GET IT COZ I DON’T HAVE THAT MANY FOLLOWERS!

Duh end this influency thingy. Overall I’m thankful and happy I got Samantha Parker. Now, I need to subscribe to Data Plan and purchase body cover, screen protector, and also, a suitable car dock so I can have my techgasm over Google Maps Navigation. No I’m not buying N-Drive. I’m not that much traveller and heck, if I subscribe to Data Plan, why should I add my cost when I claimed myself as navigator :p

P/S: If you’re going to ask whether iPhone or Samsung/Android phone, here’s this question: You want a phone that ‘just works’ or you want to mess up with few settings, hack here upgrade here and there. I rather say Android for customer that like to do few things. I use Macbook Pro, and I know how Apple smooth user experience and software reliability runs. Still, I find Android fulfilling my geeky side. I rather buy iPad than iPhone, even iPad is a 2×2 iPhone.

P P/S: This adds in to few set of my review. Another one is Targus Spruce Eco-Smart Backpack review that I’m using it, but on Officekami blog.

P P P/S: Congratulations to other Maxis 10 reviewers too for getting it: @Marc_ky, @RunningAndrew, @AtreyuStrange, @ariffshah, @keemanxp, @sapiensbryan, @galvintan, @jaylleenelial. You may head to their blog for additional review too.

P P P P/S: I think there maybe next #Maxis10 review. Either you follow twitter hashtag #maxis10, or just follow @maxiscomms

Jul 2010

5 Responses to : Say hello to my Samantha Carter

  1. tekong says:

    fahmishah – ala jgn la jeles jgn la jgn la

  2. oDiN says:

    It’s Eclair, not Android.

    It’s Eclair, not Froyo ??? .

  3. tekong says:

    odin – ko komen tang mana ni ?

  4. KNizam says:

    whoa! dapat gak ek. cool!

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