Using Samsung Galaxy S as WiFi Access Point

Now this is one of the Android coolness! Using it as WiFi Access Point

The range is quite long. I didn’t count how many wide. But I guess if, let say, the average range, can be said to cover 3-5 cars line up, I can share with other cars, who have a laptop inside. And to relate with it, I think my nifty idea would be can share/broadcast to other.

Sorry for my wet-tech dream :p But again, this WiFi Access Point is freaking cool! and can be exploited in education scene :) And to record, I’m supplying my internet connection to few geeks and fellas at Open Web Asia, and Google Devfest woot.

Jul 2010

8 Responses to : Using Samsung Galaxy S as WiFi Access Point

  1. oDiN says:

    terima kasih sebab bagi access internet ..
    iPhone aku tak dapat line digi 3G

  2. tekong says:

    odin – ppfftt iPhone :p

  3. mcm mana lak dgn speed internet connection? laju ka?

  4. tekong says:

    izzaty – speed depends on telco provider lah hehe

  5. Albert Ng says:

    Weird – as far as I know Android 2.2 introduced WiFi Hotspot (which is called that in the menus, so it appears that Samsung has put their own Wifi Access Point app inside?) My HTC Desire on Android 2.1 certainly does not have Wifi Hotspot or Wifi Access Point pre-installed. :(

  6. tekong says:

    albert – since android is just OS, and any manufacturer can install it in their device, it is correct that Samsung did their own WiFi Access point.

  7. Bernie says:

    WiFi access point is built-in Android 2.2. If you’re on 2.1, you can still get it if:

    1. The OS has been customized (like what Samsung did)
    2. You’re using a 3rd party ROM. Cyanogen users had the ability to turn phones into access points since Android 1.6 I think.
    3. You have root access and installed


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