The importance of Vanity URL

This is such a rapid post before I’m going to Open Web Asia šŸ˜€

So as my usual morning, reading papers during breakfast. I stumble upon this advertisement

As you can see, they have a Facebook pages, which most of the companies did now anyway. To exist in popular Social Network Sites. More than that, Facebook Fan Pages enables an even deeper connections and interactions with the fans.

However there is some failure there. Let me guide you

Their Facebook Fan Pages URL is freaking long. WITH NUMBERS OMAIGOD!

And the freaking thing is, would you want to recommend to your friend – hey this brand have facebook fan page at Of course you wouldn’t. And try to imagine to fit that loooooong url on the namecard šŸ˜›

That’s why Facebook has this thing called Vanity URL, it even available for personal use like what the next example

Now see the difference. I know every brands are itchy and want to exploit web technology advantage. But what differs you from other brands is getting the right job done. How does you present on the online world are quite the same as your offline presence. You want your brands to be heard. If I’m not mistaken now everyone can claim the Vanity URL. Last time I remember you need to reach certain number to secure the name. Oh And I just receive this news from my fellow twitteratis,

thanks to @alyapink, the twit means = last few days when Habib Jewels having their huge sale at Ampang Point, the DJ mention their Facebook URL for every single letter and numbers.

I know you want to laugh. Imagine how the painful DJ is and for that thing I bet NO ONE even cares during a sales. Who want to remember the numbers? Unless it was Maya Karin phone number, that’s another matter.

Want to setup your vanity URL? go to > and you’re all set. Now I hope you will find this useful.

I’m off to Open Web Asia!

Make sure your Vanity URL not too long okay :)

P/S: I maybe have a broken written english, but I know what to do and as a foreigner said to me that I still made a point so yeah, ignore my powederful english šŸ˜›

Jul 2010
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12 Responses to : The importance of Vanity URL

  1. kojeck says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. from http sampai la the numbers. rofl.
    i wonder if people from habib saw this what will they do. maybe they will hire u as their consultant for social marketing. ekekeke

  2. idontthinkso says:

    kenapa kena sebut details? yg anda semua ni mcm xpert sgt nampaknya. aku bukan staff habib jewels tp aku tgk korang nak gelakkan benda yg “ikut suka dia laa taknak singkatkan pun”. sbenarnya shortened url pun bukan apa. KENAPA TAK SEARCH?? kalau anda search “habib jewels” apa yg kuar dulu? OK, kalau jumpa kwn, ckp…blabla nama kita, igt kwn tu igt ke URL tu? kalau kita sms, http://www.facebok…blablabla atau,,x letih type msg ke? why the heck not SEARCH?? kalau anda popular, resultnye akan terpampang. Takyah la gunakan sample (ada yg aku kenal site tu) nak bandingkan dgn habib j. xde fesbuk pun dia dah kaya raya, sdgkan kita ni gunakan free services lagak mcm dunia kita yg punye nak gelakkan org. lain kali jumpa kwn ckp mcm ni, search fesbuk nama aku.

  3. Suffian says:

    Good point, tekong. Seriously, how could they have even approved the print ad with that kind of URL? That kind of behaviour just implies that they don’t really give a shit about their customers.

  4. tekong says:

    kojeck – heh Im not that expert in social marketing but i knew how stuff works.

    idontthinkso – so ikut suka aku la nak cakap pendapat aku kan? kalo dah ikut suka dia taknak singkatkan :p

    suffianr – from what idontthinkso replies, I agree with you, that they don’t really give a shit about customers. Suka dia pasal customer la kan :p

  5. Iwani Khalid says:

    @idontthinkso – firstly, everyone here uses real identity to comment except you. doesn’t that already tell you one thing?

    and secondly, the URL appeared in the newspaper not on the radio or TV, so by right the URL should be short and sweet. if taknak guna vanity URL pun takpe, or tinyurl would do. i saw IBM using tinyurl for their ad on rapidKL buses. imagine if it was in long URLs? on a moving bus tau, macam mana nak catch?

    and thirdly, don’t forget to fb search my name *wink wink*

    @tekong – its good that you bring this up bro! lagi baik if u call up the HQ and inform them about vanity URL and such. sometimes dieorang ni tak acknowledge these little features. while u do that, mintak la diskaunnnn kan nak kawen nanti gegegege

  6. tekong says:

    iwani – worst thing is I ALREADY BUY WEDDING RINGS FROM THEMMMMMM so no discount T-T

  7. cijay says:

    No that bad lah! At least the email address is there for people to write in. The Habib Jewels name is there and of course rightly, they did notify their audience that this is a “page”. And finally, they did supply the sport toto numbers, whether 4 Ds, 5 Ds or some 6/52 stuffs… Great job!

  8. tekong says:

    cijay – LOL TOTO numbers

  9. If only Habib Jewel FB page admin read about your entry, he must have LOL!

  10. tekong says:

    adlan – I want to comment on their wall but afraid appear kiasu or like a prick. They surely will told- you should told us before you blog about it- those response. But you know, it was a rapid post.. After all I don’t think I have anything more to buy from habib jewel, unless my fiancee looking for more :p

  11. tekong says:

    albert – I bet some people did haha

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