Using Samsung Galaxy S as your Navigator

Few who close to me knows that I’m their personal navigator and even call me all the way from Singapore to get a direction + live guidance over the phone. Few who even more close to me knew that, God-willing, I could remember a path even I just venture on it just once.

But for today, I just want to test Samsung Galaxy S as a Navigator. And here are the video of N-Drive for Android.

Don’t worry, the cables are not-used cable and glad I don’t need to shelf out few bucks to buy a car-dock, or few bucks to rempit to rent dock from my friend. Now that’s cheapskate :p

I’ve found out that since Samsung Galaxy S screen is freakingly huge + awesome brightness, it is a kudos to run a Navigator program in this phone. I’ve tried navigating with Nokia N93, but yeah the screen were so small. iPhone.. screen small a little bit and Tom-Tom are not available in Malaysia.

So I’ve downloaded few Android Apps. Up until this moment, if I’m not mistaken Google Maps Navigation Beta are not available for Malaysia. So I’ve downloaded Waze & N-Drive


Waze is a community driven maps. It will record where you g and share the route with you. While it’s free, the problem is that since user mapping the road, the roads not taken, will not available for routing. However turn-by-turn voice guidance are available, provided that someone map that area already. POI are not available as users need to submit it, and share it.

Best thing, you could see other users avatar and scoreboard. They have scoreboard system for ones that map a lot.


N-Drive is, I must said, most extensive that I’ve discovered yet. They even have 3D view of certain recognizable building. Turn-by-turn voice guidance and POI. Just that you need to pay 20Euro for Malaysia + Singapore + Brunei maps.

The 3D view of KLCC

I’ve saw Nokia Maps. This is some sort like them. Maybe they’re the ones behind the official maps afterall.

By the way, this is the setup of my recording inside Anubis, the car.

My old phone charger cable become the lock. It is disturbing but it did the job. But I think it’s still viewable, and talkable

And this is how I place the tripod. Not even balance. Kepit-ted by the seats hahaha. At least less vibration than holding it.

That’s all for now. I’ve took another 4-minute HD video recording and will post about it later. Stay tuned for more review about Samsung Galaxy S

Jul 2010
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30 Responses to : Using Samsung Galaxy S as your Navigator

  1. azlan says:

    Masih tak boleh lawan Garmin sebab boleh pakai MalFreeMaps.. tiap tiap minggu update..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    azlan96 – garmin bukan henpon

  3. azlan says:

    mmg la bukan, software je.. tapi Android x leh install Garmin le..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    azlan – memang la. sbb android nak pakai Google maps Navigation beta. Garmin yang perlu buat Android version.Bukan kerja Google nak portkan Garmin :p

  5. Juan says:

    cheapskatenya….use cable to tie the phone, can see ah?? like going to some jungle and dont have proper tools, survival series! hehehe

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    juan – haha I got the tripod and camera.. but then was thinking how do I mount this properly. Lucky I still have faulty in-car charger. So using that to tie the phone at the perfume-clipper behind.

  7. Aimar says:

    Android and Papago are perfect partner. Im using Papago on my Android rite now.

  8. Sham Hardy says:

    wow.. NDrive looks nice.. wanna try it too.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. azlan says:

    hmm, Papago map dah lama x update

  10. yusz says:

    papago what version can use in galaxy s? still looking around for gps apps thou..

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    yusz – err didn’t use papago coz it’s written in chinese / taiwan

  12. zubair says:

    itu lah…
    bought galaxy from maxis on last saturday then found out today.. navigation beta not supported for m’sia.

    outlook sync another problem… uish….
    the price to pay for being bleeding edge android user n phone

  13. tekong says:

    zubair – outlook sync mcm mana tu ? hmm takguna outlook lak :p

  14. zubair says:

    tulah… takde “native push mail” support for android by microsoft,

    only options available:
    1. outlook sync to >> google calendar sync to >> android (some reoccurring meeting events will not be picked up, tgk dlm android forum belambak2 orang complain :)
    2. use Touchdown! app, tapi does not support certificate authentication!
    3. The Missing Sync for Android, tried to install but lots of error, maybe it’s just my office notebook not compatible with this app..
    —–option 2, 3, kena bayar!!——

    at last.. solution.. pakai samsung kies, but stillsome reoccurring event as in meeting invite by other people than yourself missing jugak… terima jelah…

    nasib baik swype bagus giler !!! :))

    and i bought ndrive map for msia jugak yesterday, i have to say that it’s quite good, you review was spot on.

    err.. installed sygic mobile as well… tapi voice files dia somehow not working, *.wav ajek files dia, maybe kena reconvert… later2 lah (abis dah beli ndrive)
    instructions here :

    apparently an app to “brute” for google maps navigation to work outside US, UK…
    downloaded an installed successfully… sabarkan lah.. da beli ndrive map baru jumpe this “brut google map”
    nasib baik only 80ringgit for the maps..

    next project:
    kwaak3 on android:

    and Root (Superuser+su) for galaxy s:

    … but lambat lagi kot coz it looks like complicated maut… if you achieve root… drop me a mail.. i’ll drive over to your place!!

    and tried to update firmware… fail also..
    donno why its not working for me… stuck at scanning file.. looks easy enuff here:
    latest firmware for asia model : I9000ZSJF7
    my version currently *****JF4

    if you manage to update firmware, drop me a mail.. i’ll drive over to your place!!


  15. zubair says:

    almost forgot…

    apparently there is a dedicated sammy site for galaxy…

    this is the best post to start of with:
    We Are the hub for Samsung smartphones. 100% no fluff included and unpersuaded.

  16. tekong says:

    wah nice zubair. thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ so far android 2.2 confirmed for galaxy S later ๐Ÿ˜€

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  18. along says:

    papago for android rocks!

  19. tekong says:

    along – thx for the suggestion. will test it!

  20. LG says:

    what would be the best software to use for gps navigation on samsung galaxy s…

  21. tekong says:

    hi LG. it would be, some said, paid apps N-Drive or Papago. Still I fancy Google Maps navigation hehe

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  23. Naz says:

    I’ve use Papago X5 and it’s freaking awesome ! It’s a nice change after using Garmin on WinMobile for several years.

    Here’s where to get it !

  24. override182 says:

    glad the unit does well on navigation.. the one at my home has a bad GPS reception thanks to Samsung’s crappy software and driver implementation.. the navigation is jumpy and i missed out turns plus GPS signal went loss when navigating

    btw, say my link there at the comments ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. ghost says:

    siang tadi bru g install papago! kat my samsung galagy i9000 S, and no free download for this application ( trial ada ler ). latest update maps. march .

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  27. adi says:

    salam… macam mana nak install gps dlm samsung galaxy s?
    harap dpt membantu… maklum lah x reti… huhu

  28. kevin says:

    dude..tak ada cracked version for the maps ah. .. while navigating its totally free depending on gps satelite right not data usage that drains money…?

  29. hafiz says:

    Im try to download free navigator for samsung galaxy s
    but i dont know where to find the software.can u guys help me….

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