Help Google to help Malaysia

Does the title sounds interesting?

Thanks to Avijit Paul, I knew about this news, Googlers will come to Malaysia and need our little help. They want to collect Malaysian’s voice sample. I’ve once tried Voice Search in Google Maps Navigation Beta on Nazroll’s Nexus One. I must said it failed. I have to pronounce Kuala Lumpur or Ampang, the way John Doe pronounce it.

Now how to fix that ? How can Google detect fellow Malaysians speech slang?

Well you need to come to Google day!

It will happen at Faculty of Creative Multimedia, MMU Cyberjaya, from 14th to 16th July. All participants are welcomed. Aside from the voice recording session, there will be talks given by the Googlers themselves.

Now, let’s help Google, and may it help Malaysia. Come on, click the registration to contribute yourself to Google, here.

If you wanna know what the fish is Google Maps Navigation Beta here.

P/S: I must said that search in plain english with just voice is podewin!

Jun 2010

4 Responses to : Help Google to help Malaysia

  1. Pang Chan Yip says:

    Hey I am Chan Yip from Google, thanks for helping us to promote! 😀

  2. Wah.. I am hugely interested. If the event is on weekdays then should be easier to attend. I have to apply for a job leave on 16th, don’t know if my boss would approve or not. Sigh..

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  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    Chan Yip – wow Googlers read my blog? Must add to my resume lol

    Anwar – if your boss didn’t give you a leave for that, told him to not use Gmail and Google for Search and Chrome to browse. Unless he’s using Hotmail, Bing, and IE6, that’s another matter :p

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