Little contribution to Balsamiq

One of the assets I’ve been using is Balsamiq Mockups, to create Mockups for website development. Having use Flash for many years, all the tools provided are quite straight forward. So I suggested to them to create ‘ Grouped Items easily editable like Symbols in Flash ‘ in their Get Satisfaction, a website served for feedback. Right now the group/ungroup are quite tedious. Why not ‘enter’ the group and edit inside. I figured out, well base on my Flash experience, that would work better.

And now, Balsamiq implemented it and announced it here in their latest Balsamiq Mockup update. You may read the full update there.

That’s my Raison D’etre. Reason to live. I want myself to become meaningful and useful to others. I want to be missed by my contribution. And as supported by Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him (PBUH) said,

The greatest human is those who become useful to others. / Sebaik-baik manusia adalah mereka yang memberi manfaat kepada manusia lain.

Or alternatively, you may hear Givers Gain.

Thank God for my brain.

P/S : I hope one day I able to become what people acknowledge as Forward Thinkers. That must be as equivalent standards as Scientist. But currently I didn’t see that much in myself.

P P/S: I can’t stop rhyming I should be rapping. <- sengal

P P P/S: Are you a website developer/designer/info-architects/workflow activist/whatever? Haven’t heard of Balsamiq Mockups??? I’ll say this, you missed one great piece of Mockups-development-software. Go on, click here.  ( no I’m not being paid for this line nor receive free software or betas )

Jun 2010

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