Rempit protip= Rain

One of my worthy navigator skills is to predict rain. But not predict, but to analyze rain. Especially if i’m on motorcycle. Below are the list of things I did usually if it is raining.

  1. Look at the sky at the direction I’m heading / call people at that location.
  2. If I feel there’s a quick change of wind with some humid, it maybe rain.
  3. See the car from the opposite. If their wipers moving fast, it’s raining where we’re heading to.
  4. In the event of night, where you can’t see the sky and can’t see the wipers from the opposite car, stop beside and check 10-20 car’s wipers from the opposite way. You can also check motorcyclist from the opposite if they wear raincoats or not.
  5. Ride with one hand. Another hand thrusting to the front. If you rempit fast enough, you can feel the difference of temperature from your fist to your elbow. And took that into the judgements of the weather.
  6. If you ride after the rain but you feel the droplets/ the best bet is it is not raining, but the car were fast enough to make the water from wet roads splashed much-alike rain.

happy experimentating ! :p

May 2010

2 Responses to : Rempit protip= Rain

  1. oDiN says:

    tengok langit dah boleh budget ..
    in fact kalo aku tengok awan hitam tuh agak sikit .. aku akan redah jugak .. so bertahan la kejap hujan dalam 5 – 10 minit .. dan makin laju aku bawak .. sebab aku hanya berhenti untuk isi minyak sahaja :)

    anyway tips ko ni sesuai untuk rempit mcm aku yang suka ulang alik jarak jauh selalu :)

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – haha thanks 😀

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