Switching careers

Last 2 weeks during barcamp, there’s intense discussion about education system. Dr Bernard Leong, one of first TEDxKL speakers last year and also a lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic said something which really embeds in my mind

‘ Our culture in Asia make it hard for us to switch careers.’

He then goes further in explaining that if you stay in europe or US, you can simply ditch your course or job and then going to university again and again to learn. But that’s not the same in Asian country. You’re your job for your life. There’s many factors indeed behind this.

Maybe it’s hard for Asians to switching careers because of commitment? Salary what not? Or maybe it was passed down generations to generations, third world dilemma, that we’re just be content for what we have.

No don’t get me wrong. Content for what we have from religious side is okay, but it’s the hunger for success and achievements. Maybe we took things for granted.

I don’t know. I get puzzled myself thinking of this.

And to break the puzzle, here’s just another 7 things about me, tagged by Syia.

  1. Current weight is 75
  2. By that, I’m fat
  3. Current height 164
  4. By that  I’m a short and fat
  5. My waist is 36
  6. By that my ass is big, i’m short, and i’m fat
  7. And i know Syia will go ‘pffft’ at this tagged. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Actually, I’m on hiatus, boo, again

May 2010

2 Responses to : Switching careers

  1. oDiN says:

    I want to be a flash developer instead of web programmer
    can I ?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – yes you can but can you sustain all these fanboys attacking Flash? that is the big question :p

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