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Last november, @Nazroll from Redboot Solutions, just ‘hacked’ Officekami and won ‘Best Productivity Hack’ at Southeast Asia Open Hack Day organized by Yahoo. I’m really happy to heard someone make use of Officekami data. And now he further develop it for mobile devices. Below are some of the screenshot of it inside my mobile phone.

This above is map view

And this is Info view.

I’m very excited about this. With his hack, people can easily access stuff but it is currently in Alpha stage. He need some feedback so help him to help you in getting all of this info being feeded into your mobile device.

Help Officekami Mobile here.

And meanwhile if you have some time to kill, view his video at Yahoo South East Asia Open Hack Day here below

If you want to develop something for Officekami, do let me know. Since this is intended to be Community Project, every hacked is warm welcomed. Afterall, we’re all mobilewarriors, may change the world.

Apr 2010

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