Video Games Live

I was there. I am happy to see it. I mean seeing all those music games being played. It just felt like I wanted to become kid again. I just want to grab my Micro Genius to play it all again. I just want to escape from classes, going to friends home so I could play Twisted Metal & Crash Bandicoot at PlayStation 1 again. And I just want to keep staring at Sega console watching a boy playing Sonic, and I want to get the old Game Boy Yellow, a special edition to commemorate Pokemon Yellow.

I have some pictures but it is not a good picture because cameraphone. Low quality.  Aside from the orchestra itself, there’s 2 game show where one need to play Guitar Hero live on that stage and another lucky fella got to play Space Invaders. There’s one thing special for me is that  they Skype-broadcast the first man that create Pong, and he’s still alive in 80++years. Without him, we will not knew what is video game. And yeah, I really enjoyed watching Video Games Live. First edition in Malaysia. and that is my first Orchestra that I watched ^_^ Looking forward to be there next year too.

Do you know why I love video games so much ?

In video game, you can be whatever you wish to be. You can be an awesome Master Chief in Halo. You could become as cool as Solid Snake. And you could become as effingly cool as the character that you dream on in MMORPG.

I’ve been there. I knew the feeling. And I think i’m living my life is just like a game. but I don’t have extra lives so I have to play carefully

P/S: if only there’s a serious Islamic game where a muslim kid can grow up and become proud with Islamic heroes such as Salahuddin Al-Ayubi what not. For a start, there’s The 99.

Apr 2010

3 Responses to : Video Games Live

  1. syia says:

    i’ve tagged u at my blog 😉

  2. nizam6281 says:

    Always Remember
    Play Safe hehe

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – thanks

    nizam – haha play safe betul

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