Technochef – word by Syia. Dunno what she meant by that, but I guess that sort have to do with Technopreneur LOLOLOL lawak bangang.

Well, I cooked three dishes during my parents went visiting mecca. My mum said this is the right time for me to practice cooking. As if she knows that I took pride in doing things by myself. With one week remaining before they’re home, I decide to screw some things so this is it.

Nasi Goreng Ikut Suka Aku = Ingredients: Fried Nugget + sausage. Beef/Chicken floss ( serunding ) fresh cut onion and garlic.

There’s another two dishes, click more

Maggi Mantap Nak Mampus= Ingredients: Sausage, fresh cut onion & garlic, egg. To make it more interesting, let the maggi boil with sausage. So the taste of sausage will be ’embedded’ in Maggi ( EPIC EMBEDDED!!! GEEKY! )

And lastly

Murtabak Maggi Epic Fail – Fail because using smaller frying pan. And it turns to be Maggi Patayya.

To tell you the truth, I hardly read any manual when cooking. I just follow my instinct of what to put. I still remember I and my brother sakit perut because around primary school, I cooked burger or hot dot, with too many planta and add some water and drink that a-la soup.

I bought some stuff to made Such Salad Heartilly. But at the time of writing this, my uncle already here from penang. So next time I’ll be doing Such Salad Heartilly a.k.a SSH. No geeks, not that SSH Tunnel :p

Your’s truly is a Creative Multimedia student. Saying all those codes will make it pass from right ear to left ear. And starting from this post, a new category in this blog has borne. Technochef. Look forward for my cooking skill.

haha this is just a basic stuff anyway :p

Apr 2010

8 Responses to : Technochef

  1. aman says:

    hehe. pasnie, / la pulak. Hoho~

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    aman – wei ko sebut camtu confirm jap lagi ade orang beli wakakaka

  3. Bat says:

    what the hel megi pattaya, wahahahahaha..

    Tekong, pergi beli

  4. syia says:

    huhu..ha ni la kene buat 1 entry pasal memasak tiap2 minggu ni haha

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – maggikami Nestle sponsor yer ahahahha

    syia – haha. nih komen2 ni reti masak tak ? :p

  6. zaphiro says:

    motif semua megi?!

  7. zaphiro says:

    megi kat tgh2 tu buat aku lapar di ptg dini hari 😛

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    zaphiro – taula motif ko hoddog :p

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