Earth Hour 2010, from my eyes

I was there at KLCC after TEDxKL and I went to KL Sentral to celebrate Bat receiving paycheck and for the first time, much of famous big name in Malay blogsphere coming in. I’m not a big name anyway but glad to meet them.

Start from bottom left: Khairul Sembang Komputer, Bat InfoMalaya, Azraai MentariWorks, me you can see my profile on the right of the blog, Amanfirdaus and MohdIsmail Rotikaya. Picture taken by Mior Crynobone Savvy.UI There’s latecomers, Odin and Finafedora. Missing in action is Wafiq wfxyz.

So after that i rushed to KLCC to pick up my motorcycle and decided to stayback for Earth Hour

And this is Earth Hour 2010, from my Anne anyway

Since it will took time to load the video see the next pics yeah

haha just one pics :p

At the left is new friend Zaidi. yeah TEDxKL was done at Microsoft office.

I heard many things about Earth Hour. I’m gonna ask my dad when he come back. He’s a certified Electrical chargeman so he know stuff. He does.


Mar 2010

4 Responses to : Earth Hour 2010, from my eyes

  1. MK says:

    Haha tetiba aku hover kat gambar tu dengan harapan keluar tag nama aku. Pengaruh Facebook~ T_T

  2. Bat says:

    Kenapa dalam gambar tu semua orang gelak? *aku dah lupa, wuwuwu*

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – mesti mail buat lawak takle blah ahaha

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