Last Saturday, I was at KLIA sending my parents, my grandparents for both sides ( grandparents on mother side, and grandfather on dad’s side ) and also a mother to my mother’s brother’s wife, to perform Umrah or just a trip visiting Mecca & Medina. On the way, I overheard my parents contacting their best friend during college years. Then, their best friend come to KLIA to send him. I’m unsure if I’ve ever told you before in my blog. My parents has a best-couple-friends and even have same-aged kids.

So I’m chit-chatting with him and discussed about stuff related. Then, it reaches to one point where we discussed about how women works. Since he’s working as Chargeman ( even his job is as same as my dad ) in one of food factory, he told me that his factory have near-equal amount of Quality Inspector. However, from his experience, the ratio is that female should never be more than male worker. At first when I heard that, it felt like “is he sexist?” But I let alone he talk and discuss what it is really about.

So he was telling me that female have different mindset and work ethics when working. One female cannot have any problem with another else it will be disaster because they tend to not solve the problem. Emotions getting through. Jealousy, catfight, and all stuff. He even said that if there’s a women surrounded by many man in their working environment, that women should feel a bit relaxed because man can do it for them. However of course in return, that women may felt uneasy, surrounded by many man.

So the key is to keep it balanced.

While men, they do being competitive, and getting into conflict but at the end of the day, the works getting done and the men who fights, might gone for another round of teh tarik.

From my perspective, I kinda agree with him on this matter. I particularly agree that if women fights another women, I’ve yet to see in my life they  come back good in square one. Yeah I’ve seen some examples on my life, both girls never did reconnected again. And I have proof, one of it below

I myself have gone into that conflict, where we’ve didn’t talk for a week but hey, we were good, really good now.

In terms of work, I particularly like to have women. Simply because they able to multitask (well man are designed to be single-task) and also that makes them able to remember much things. How lovely is that ability. I see myself in next 10 years I’m gonna have a helper.

But think again, I wonder how am I gonna solve problem or conflict between two girls if there’s such cases in my company. No I’m not being sexist, it’s just I’ve yet to find anyone who could meet the requirements I need. And afterall, both Flavert & Weddingkami aren’t open for vacancy, yet.

But then as sexist as it can be, why no one against the fact that there is too many female teachers than male teachers? Poke fun. See, actually there’s no gender is much inferior what not, it’s just we need to assign task cleverly.

A recommended reading is Man from Mars, Women from Venus. Even you’re not breathing the air of love.

So what do you think? If you wanna discuss this, make it a healthy knowledgeable discussion.

Mar 2010

4 Responses to : Sexist?

  1. Sarah Din says:

    well..personally, i think it depends on how that particular person thinks…yes, females tend to b very emotional….n males tend to be…erm…more able to control their emotions…but i have met girls who are emotional..but knows when n where to let it out…so, being emotional doesnt necessarily mean that it’ll effect their work…

    however, that being said, i cant deny…there are more women who puts their emotions way ahead of their work ethics (yes, i’m goin thru it in my workplace…n yes, i’m a teacher)…

    imho, anyone’s work ethics depends a lot on wut their goal in life is…not their gender…if they work bcoz they just want the pay or if they work bcoz they want some sense of achievement, it’ll reflect in their work…

    well..that’s wut i think…

    owh, n btw, just fyi, there are ppl who are against the fact that there are more female teachers compared to male =) coz at skool, there’s a problem of ‘who’s gonna take care of the boys if there are no male teachers?'(e.g.: wardens at skool hostels)…i dun think this has anythin to do wit the issue of male or female work ethics…its just dat i think male tend to have jobs dat has higher pay bcoz they’re gonna have a family to feed? =P trust me..teachers dun make dat much money…

  2. chapan says:

    MOST female = emotional based decisions
    MOST male = rational based decisions

    pls take note on the MOST 😀

  3. kruel74 says:

    My legal firm has 80% women with my partner being a lady who has been my partner for 11 years. As you said, it is about balance. Catfight? Every other day. Cliques? There. It is just a normal working environment. Being a boss who know how to keep them happy

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    sarah – being emotional can also drive more and more to success. compared to men, tend to laidback and relax. and i agree with your point that male tend to have jobs dat has higher pay, because apart of that, we do like achievements :)

    chapan = MOSTI ? :p

    kruel74 = oh yeah just remembered. well you’re the man dude. you’re the man of the house. ahh envy

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