This is why I’m fat

Actually I’ve been busy ( or doesn’t have many things to update ) so yeah, this is why I’m fat.

Dinosaur Egg :p ( try guess WTH is that )

Sri Kulai Siew Mai ?

Sri Kulai Wantan

Sri Kulai is a near-instant-food. To cook this, you need to heat it using microwave. Kinda tasty for me, for an instant-preheat food.

Tutti Frutti at IOI Mall. Freaking expensive. 10gm = RM 0.17 I forgot. But this cup worth RM15 i think. forget. But seriously, pricey. I thought it was.. ahh just another 10gm whatnot but T-T

German Deli Imbiss Fries what. Ate this when I was high on fever and during Weddingkami Monthly meeting.

San Francisco Coffee Chicken Lasagna

San Francisco Coffee Triple buns. Particularly like that black-peppered bun.

little sis with Triple decker sandwich. I actually got RM30 voucher for San Francisco Coffee for complaining for things that I shouldn’t disclose with ( since I afraid you’re going to abuse or made a fake report ).

Wait, since when I’m a complain boy? since now :p

And talk about complain, food in HB3, MMU Cyberjaya has increased too. This is my dinner. Usually Rm2.50 but if i’m not mistaken, the latest price is RM3. + Rm1 with coleslaw and mashed potato. If only I look carefully I’ll order something else or get a maggi goreng.

And the worst of all to add in more, I try to shed some weight with my dad’s bike, that I gave ‘his’ name: Bolt. But EPIC FAIL. Cycle only once a week meh >_<

On the other hand.

That’s it. I’m on hiatus.

Mar 2010

9 Responses to : This is why I’m fat

  1. faiz says:

    pergh!!.. ni la orang kata pandai menikmati hidup.. 😀

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    gila kau banyak makan nikmat la sangat. dah gemuk hahah

  3. Fakhru says:

    aku rase jenis kau mmg x leh nk kurus.pasal aku tgk badan kau mmg dh yg paling kurus cmtuh..x leh buat pe dah

  4. syia says:

    woOo..tekong..manyak nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    fakhru – wei ko tak tengok aku kat mrsm. hot kot. cuma lagi ramai pulak la hot kan aku dah la rendah, pointer pun rendah. tak dapat la memikat hahah

    syia – manyak apeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  6. e2an1 says:

    so what was the big telur?

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    e2an1 – A combined chicken egg, arranged carefully.

  8. Sarah Din says:

    erm…Tekong…bout dat dinosaur egg…brp biji telur tu weh???? (O_O) n how much is dat thing???

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    sarah – tatau. itu makanan pengantin. hahahahha

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