#memorisekolah is currently the Hot topic in Malaysia’s Twitterverse. While I contributed most of my school experience, I just remembered this paper art.

It is a spaceship and also can become a motorboat. It comes in two variant. The blue is a spaceship. The white is motorboat, judging from the raised-front body.

Front view 1. Left = Motorboat. Right = Spaceship

Notice the spaceship variant has spoiler-like. When I was a kid, I draw the exhaust. And the motorboat has a pocket that can store motorboat. LOL!

Final view. Notice the raised-head of the motorboat, and the difference with spaceship. See the ‘roof’ of both ships.

No I’m not always fold this paper art. The last time I fold this paper art is way back when I was in primary school. That was 10++ years back then.

Thank Allah for giving me an Unimportant Photo Memory, where I remembered how it look and try to reverse-folded the paper plane. It took me 5 minutes to fully recall of how the steps and only 2-3 wrong steps I’ve made. No I really didn’t google for guide. I still didn’t googled it. I hope I’m the first :p

Dear Allah, thank you for making me knowledgeable.

No wonder tak kahwin-kahwin. Benda macam ini yang dia boleh teringat hahahahahha. Macam budak-budak. On the contrary, I think my kids will have the funnest dad they ever had. I hope I can become the funnest dad in the world.

P/S: Instructions will be available upon request. Request via this blog commentbox kthxbai!

P P/S: My little sis already sleeping so unable to ask her whether the kids nowadays know to fold this. I bet not.

P P P/S: Since I fold this, copyright of the picture goes to me. Credit to this blog. wahahahhaha

Mar 2010

8 Responses to : #memorisekolah

  1. apiih says:

    dulu sllu buat menda camnie,men cam men jet..hahaha…senang jerk nk buat nih..huhuhu

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    apiih – hehe memang senang ekceli

  3. Ikhwan says:

    Haha.. old memories.. my friend made these and then color them colored pencils, and then sell them to other friends for 10 sen each. The nicer ones would be 20 sen.

    Thankfully I didn’t succumb in buying any.

  4. MK says:

    I used to play with them with all the ca-ching, swoosh, zapp sounds :)

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    ikhwan – woh siap jual. lagi epic

    MK – -_-boleh jadi sound-effects maker ni hahah

  6. faiz says:

    huu..aku dah lupa dah nak buat benda tuh..

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    nanti aku wat video hahah

  8. abi says:

    wooooohoooooooooooo memories!! :)

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