Have you’ve been to Petrosains lately?

Yeah I’ve been there lately. In fact. Last year wahahaha bringing my lil sis spending her school holidays. But what amuse me is the new Petrosains Muzika. It has a lot of installations and it is indeed great for FCM Digital Media Students or, for this year, they rebranded themselves as Media Arts Department. I enjoyed some of the installations and of course, pictures for the proof.

Just press the button with related instrument

The globe and the white spot represents different melody/song from different country. And what you need to do is….

… is to scan/ put a stethoscope-like or vacuum-like to the white dots, and you could hear it.

And I played virtual guitar. I was wearing an orange glove so the webcam could detect my hand movements. Oh there’s foot jack too.

Instrument box + tempo + pitch.

Touch-piano wootness!

Another awesome thing. Sequence composer. Nifty!

Of course after going to Muzika, I entered Petrosains and play around.

Vacuum Tube!

Next Einstein? No. Since she wanted to be a Veterinary Doctor. No one within my siblings will follow my dad’s carreer as High-Tension Chargeman, it seems.

Digging what I forget.

One awesome interactive wall installation = dropping flowers. And this boy currently blocking out lot’s of flowers from falling.

And other kids joining him, including anom. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Seriously, I just wanna lol-ed at how these kids react to many of the installations provided in Petrosains / Petrosains Muzika. This reminds me of most of my classmates installation. And this place is a good place to bring kids to enjoy edutainment.

This is not an advertorial, but I encourage you, even adults, to go to Petrosains. If you felt cranky, bring your kids or nephew, or younger cousins. As they enjoyed it, you’ll be enjoying it too.

High-Tension Chargeman = HT Chargeman a.k.a Penjaga Jentera Elektrik. Most of teachers will go puzzled when I mentioned my father’s job. A career that my father said, is currently lacking of younger talents. It is one of the important person of electricity.

Mar 2010

6 Responses to : Have you’ve been to Petrosains lately?

  1. realm says:

    Wow that is some canggih installation. Much like ours last time, should have gone there for precedent studies mwahaha

  2. syidadida says:

    rindu DM

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    realm & syidadida – buat 3 year gathering kat sini? invade petrosains hahaha

  4. liyananaznim says:

    this sem kena buat something similar to that. fewhh.
    hope everything’s gonna be ok.

  5. e2an1 says:

    Media Arts Department?! They’re MAD! 😛

    that last dropping flowers thing is ossem. Was that still part of the musical thing?

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    liyana – haa buat elok2

    e2an1 – yg tu dlm petrosains.

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