Well I don’t have many things to write since I focused my writing powaaaa at Flavert Blog, Officekami blog, and Weddingkami Blog but yeah I still want you guys to visit my personal blog so here goes another round of LOLPICS!

All of the lolpics appeared below, I took it by myself. If you want to display at other site, then linkback lah yer.

As you can see.. ANSPORN. It’s a toilet in Teeq Braisserie,  Lot 10 rooftop. Was there  for Social Media Club KL Meetup. It’s a meetup where most of twitteratis or facebookers gather.

The most epic. SKYLINE NISSAN. This is the new edition, can open the roof wei!

EPIC GEEKERY! Snow Leopard as engagement Gift. I know there’s my friend, (shah_ho_nam/Forum Lowyat) on his wedding day, give RAM to his bride. o_O!!!! RAM wei kau tau tak RAM tu apa!!! But if you think he’s just a cheapskate fella, he come to the bride house on a helicopter. That’s epic P4WNAGE!!!!!!!

Some fella in MMU maybe accidentally shift into Drive gear rather than reverse gear, and going to the slope. Ouch. And as far as I know, when I saw that first time it was around 4PM ++ and when i left around 5PM++, the car still there. Surely there’s no towing service in Cyberjaya.

Somebody gonna get hurt real baaaad. TEMBAHHHH!!! BWAHAHAHAH. the correct spelling is Tempah = Booking. I twitted Air Asia and they will check into that.

Poor cloudy turtle (or whatever animal you can imagine) being poked by 33kilovolt tower. Took this when driving. Hahah.

CEO vs VIP. Unfortunately, they wrote ‘Chicken Enjoyment Officer’ so it’s kinda huge turnoff.

Found this fridge magnet at Kruel74 office. And he is a lawyer. I was there for their Facebook Fan-page launching (Khairul, Suhaila, Hazlina).

Okay hope you all enjoyed my LOLPICS 3 (at least I LOL’ed) 😀

Feb 2010

2 Responses to : LOLPICS 3

  1. kenwooi says:

    haha.. nice pictures.. especially the last one.. lol.. lawyer putting up signing like that.. =P

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    thanks kenwooi. hehe glad you like it.

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