Dream Diary #6

It’s been quite sometime I didn’t post my dream. So here I am. Today’s dream a bit interesting. Since I sleep in 3 separate times, I’ll be writing separately. All i could remember is 2 dream.

Dream 1

This is the most geek-ish dream I ever had. I dream there’s a conspiracy of apple killing one among 10 version of their own products. I forget what is the product but if i’m not mistaken it is the iPod. Unsure which line ( shuffle, nano, classic, mini ). There’s 10 iPod exist at that scene. So one of them suddenly vaporize. And I get to talk with iPod version 9 and 10.

Then I woke up, as it is scorching heat in KL. And I was only slept for 3 hours.

Dream 2

The dream starts with me in my home. Saw a cat giving birth, the caesarean way OMGWTHBBQ. Caesarean = where the stomach need to be slice to create an opening. Then took my car and drove, to Damansara somewhat. Then I entered the plaza toll but the lorry in front of me didn’t have enough Touch n Go reload, so in that same lane, he reverse a bit and pull over to the left, allowing me to Touch n Go my card. When it is my turn, it doesn’t beeping and screen doesn’t flashing the value remaining in the card. But the gates were open. So I quickly went out, only to discover the alarm of that toll booth has been set off. Blinking but isn’t buzzing. Afraid, so I parked not far from the toll, into the house that has a swimming pool. Behind that house is another road/highway signboard but has a name written on it. I wish not to disclose the name so if you, some of my readers think it’s you, SMS me to ask :p

Then, as I turn i realize the highway that I entered that I didn’t pay, is not like PLUS Highway, or the type that require the touch N go to be touched twice.  So I could just ignore and exit at the next exit.

Upon arriving, I think I arrive at Ampang, and I was cycling to find mobile office. I met some of my hometown boys. Then I go upstairs and only to discover I entered my previous room in MMU Hostel, but with my ex-roomate Rahmat and Najib occupying that room. We were watching something. Then I come downstairs to the foodcourt and Tokwan & Mail start greeting me, with some of SAMTEN friends. Zul Md Nor was there too. Then, my MRSM friends came and saw my partner in crime Ekhsan came in. After greeting friends at MMU HB2 parking lot, there’s MMU friends nearby with the potluck party that I did. One of the most recognizable dishes is Chicken Pie that looks like the one I ate at Coffee Ritual. Then I suggest some of my friends to go buy some food since this is potluck party and inside that dream I think about Canadian Pizza Buy 1 free 1.

And dream 2 stops there.


points/relation in real life.

Dream 1

  1. Last night I was reading some of the articles and comments regarding Adobe VS Apple. Either it’s iPod or Flash that being killed by Apple. The product that already has 10 version, is Flash Player afterall. iPod has different lines of product but if you jumble up all the product line, there’s a 10 product anyway. The representation of the product is by humans so it’s kinda creepy for me. I really forget what product.

Dream 2

  1. I don’t have a cat at home.
  2. Yesterday my Touch n Go zeroed. But I have two touch N go. One that always stays in the car and another one is my MMU ID. Where I use it for public transport.
  3. The feel of the road is like Sprint Damansara, where I previously went out from UM, and going out at that road.
  4. The name written on that signboard is one of the readers that always commented in this blog. Since it’s a girl, I wish not to disclose the name. Revealing any girl that appear in your dream will.. ah whatever.
  5. Last tuesday I’m cycling to my mobile office = Coffee Sugar & Spice
  6. I still meet Rhmad & najib occasionally at MMU
  7. Met Tokwan & Mail recently, just having teh tarik session. Zul Md Nor come in contact because I read his brother’s blog / Aeropama recently.
  8. I’ve been indulging in Pie for about 6 month. Sheperd Pie, King Pie, chicken mushroom pie in coffee ritual too. hahahahhaha
Feb 2010

2 Responses to : Dream Diary #6

  1. wfxyz says:

    Doubt anyone could recall/re-remember their last dream that elaborate. Why don’t have any women cast in the dream, btw? Total geekness =p

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    wfxyz – try go to http://dreamstock.wordpress.com we’re bunch of fellas wanted to document our dream.. and it is hard to remember your dream. the best way is to quickly wrote about it when you wake up :p

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