The rope of peace – Talitenang

It’s been nearly a month from this event. Yeah I delayed it because I posted Yorais first. So I’ve attended Tali Tenang just for fun and to clear heads up.

It’s a flashmob type of events, which is fun! It was a sunny saturday but upon reaching the meeting point at Old Town UOA Bangsar, it was kinda cloudy. We gathered at 5 and everybody bringing their own ropes. Me myself bringing some extra ropes in case anyone that just freely attended and doesn’t bring their ropes. And then we start tying ropes between all of us. I attached my ropes with Carolyn, and Ian, who even bring a Malaysian flag. I was actually was way behind at the back of the gathering place but as the committee arrange the participant, me and Ian become the head of the march.

As me and Ian was waiting for the march to start, we were hoping we’re the head because we have the Flags. And we did. WOOOHOOO!!

So we start march from Bangsar LRT to Bangsar community sports center. yeah I’m the short one period. This is all of us marching happily and shouting to people ‘Hi have a good day’ and all. Some vehicles even stop and honk at us. And it was surprising that around 300++ people attended and some joined along the way.

Looking forward for more flashmob / events after this. Definitely love Malaysia. (oh yeah you can even see Marina Mahathir in the above and if I’m not mistaken, Nurul Izzah Anwar was there too. ) Be merry, all Malaysians.

Picture thanks to Spinzer.

Feb 2010

7 Responses to : The rope of peace – Talitenang

  1. marinamusfirah says:

    tak ajak!!!!!

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    kruel – hoho thanks to you one of the committee 😀

    marina -ada ajak, kat fesbuk.. tp ko dah quit fesbuk kan :p

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    christock – hahahahha buat apa ajak you, sbb dah ada kat situ haha

  4. myadlan says:

    yeah.. i’ve been waiting for this update! gonna join next time!

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    myadlan – wah siap tunggu update. hehe tahun depan 😀

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